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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Send Helen Back to Lebanon

For a White House correspondent to say to a rabbi that the Jews should go back to Germany and Poland and NOT be painted as racist, when the Tea Partiers, who have yet to say or do anything even slightly racist are hosed down with the pejorative, is perhaps the shining example of Progressive Liberal hypocrisy.

The woman is beyond hag-like. She has spent the past 40 years not getting it. She's got the BEST Halloween face, EVAR. But libs give her a pass because she's A) beta tested dirt; B) from a country that would nuke us off the map if given half a chance, and; C) dumber than a bag of hair.

Now, on the same note, Bill Maher makes a remark about how he thought Obama would be more ghetto than he is. He's not considered a racist because, and I quote, "He's dating a black girl." Yeah, so was Ted Danson when he put on Black Face. Whoopi Goldberg dropped him like a crack pipe during a raid. Where the hell did Bill Maher get enough cred to have his own show? He's a freakin idiot, B-List comedian. He's beneath most of human-kind, including Heidi Fleiss, who was honest about being a whore.

Do you guys see the hypocrisy? Do you get that conservatives who are white get called racist, conservatives that are not white are called Uncle Tom and race haters, but let one lib on TV make racist remarks and the progressive liberal machine goes into action to try to lessen what was really seen and heard on the TV and internet and discussed widely around many a water cooler. People who do not waste their lives in double think can actually see and understand things as they really are, not as they are spun by some political moron. And let's get this straight, Democrat, Republican, I don't care. Not one single person who holds political office can ever be taken seriously ever again. Our founding fathers worked damned hard to make sure that no one would WANT to be in Congress for a long time, to keep the blood fresh. Once power was tasted, they never wanted to go back home to the people who got them there. Nancy Pelosi demanded her own jet because she wanted her trips to be short, sweet and back to DC ASAP.

When they take breaks they only come home if they are up for re-election.

Vote the bums out. Make them live where shit. Make them eat it. Teach the lesson that way.

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