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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


In my upcoming book I really hammer the liberal agenda within the educational system. Within that is a subset who firmly, truly believe in teaching illegal alien children in Spanish, not giving them any reason to learn the language our Constitution is written in, English. Now they want kids to say the Pledge in Spanish.

There is a reason the libs want to keep the illegals speaking Spanish. If they are ignorant of the language of our laws, then they will be kept in line through ignorance and mis-information. That way they can keep their gardeners, nannies and pool boys in their place while they go about their elitist way pretending to curry favor within the immigrant community all the while keeping them enslaved through the bigotry of low expectations.

If the immigrants really knew how to read the laws they would realize, quite quickly in fact, that the hand that they have been desperately holding in hopes of some alms being thrown their way, is the hand that is choking their chance at any opportunity in this land that is so chock full of it. They don't teach classes in Spanish at the colleges and universities. In fact, thanks to conservative driven studies in the 1990's, we learn that bilingual education was a huge and expensive disaster. Most good school districts do not even offer it.

You want to know what really makes me laugh? I mean, full out belly laugh? When these great brains within the entertainment community talk about going to live in Europe. Really? Gonna move over and become citizens? Guess what? You have to show fluency in the language of most countries as a condition of citizenship over there. A friend of mine moved to Holland to get married. She worked YEARS at becoming a citizen, taking history classes and language classes. The only time she got to speak English was to me online, and I was trying to practice my Dutch. (Which really sucks, so I guess I can check moving to Holland off my list of things to do)

If we are going to truly accept immigrants we need to make sure they know the language our laws are written in, for we are a nation of laws. Give them and their children the same opportunity our children have, the chance to educate themselves, better their circumstance, and become something better than they were. Yes, immigrants just as precious and unique as the snowflake spawn of the progressive liberals.

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