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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh Emm Geeeeeee!!!!!!

There are few moments of inestimable joy in our lives. I found one at 5:40 AM while perusing my usual blogs and news stories looking for more filth from the educational process in our country. I found this:

Atlas Shrugged Is Now Filming!

To say that I my eyes rolled back, I bit my lip and a moan of the utmost ecstasy escaped me would belittle the experience. I sat in utter shock, unbelieving delight, and the very real fear that it was all a joke. I've been led down this path before.

Then immediately was WHO? Who is John Galt? has become a very real question and not just a philosophical supposition. Who would play Dagny Taggart? And from the casting choices all I can say is that they were cast by people who had never read the book. All I can say is that I had better see an appreciable uptick in Ms Clairol stocks. Ayn Rand was exacting in her description of her characters. For those of us for whom this book is as close to a Bible as we can get, these characters have been etched into our psyches for decades. I received the book in 1978, but I didn't read it until 1981 and ever since then I've known the name for how I and others believe and been ruled by Logic and reason.

The IMDB page is less than informative other than the most basic of "pre-Production" language. However, the message boards over there are blowing up. It's all good, because the utter ignorance of the novel is shown. All I can say is, ignorance of a subject has never stopped an internet troll from voicing their "opinions".

I know I put the opening day for The Expendables and Iron Man 2 on my calendar, actually written down in pen. The same goes for Atlas Shrugged as soon as the release date is published. And, since this is just part one, I am going to assume the screenwriter will be going through the three parts of the book and making this a trilogy. Hey, Lord of the Rings was a trilogy and was just as "buzzy" in its day as Atlas Shrugged has been in roughly the same time period. Anyone who has ever seen "Frodo Lives" on a subway wall or walked through a coffee shop and seen a post of "Who is John Galt?" on the bulletin board, know of which I speak.


Anonymous said...

We were on vacation in Florida a couple weeks ago. We drove from Ohio to Florida, and on the way through Georgia, IIRC, there were a few "Who is John Galt?" signboards... I about drove the truck into a ditch :)

Anonymous said...

Found it!