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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Playing the Odds

The reason the Libs are so afraid of the Tea Party member is that we are showing that our Forefathers had a really good idea on how government functioned and they know that we are at the tipping point in the US, now, when we can totally eradicate them forever. They have spent the past one hundred years betting that the sheople would not rise up against them and their intrusiveness in our lives simply because we had only done it once before. They know that they have not represented us, We The People, in decades. They were too busy social engineering.

They bet that we would not get fed up with their increasing demands on our pocketbooks for their policies that required for us to be our brother's keeper. They made book that we would be too inured to rise up against their ruinous fiscal policies and welfare state. They are, only now, finding that they will have to pay for those bets with their political careers.

Progressive Liberals have spent the past 100 years politicizing everything. I mean, seriously, the weather? Who the hell makes the weather political? Even Patrick Moore, who started Greenpeace, left the organization when he felt they had become too political.

Now they are playing the odds that we will do what they did in the 60's. They are betting that the Tea Party begins to faction out and some of those factions turn violent, as the Weather Underground did and they can come down on Conservatives and tell us all, "See? We told you, and now you need us to save you from yourselves."

There is nothing wrong with this country that electing new people to office and repealing their bloated policies can't solve. And. perhaps amending our Constitution so that people such as they can never happen in our government again. Show your outrage in the voting booth. Get them all out. Demand term limits. Don't ever again let someone steal your freedom by telling you they know what's best for you.

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