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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Holy Cats, I've Found The Moonbat Spawning Ground

Whether it's Jason Levin's crazed cry for attention and schizophrenic manifesto (please, pick a side of the fence you wish to be on, Mr. Levin, when you're back on your meds) and his waaaahhhmbulance screech to disrupt the tea parties and perpetrate ID Theft writ large (C'mon, Jason, we can lock you up for just being stupid and liberal here in Texas) or The Greenie's Bat Shit Insane stance on Climategate (I'm not listening to you, LALALALALALALALA!) I don't know whether to shit or go blind.

It would appear that the Progressive Libs have completely and totally lost their minds, which is to be expected as they look into the moral abyss they've embraced their entire lives.

And this just in Rep. Henry Waxman has just called off his Inquisition of top corporations who pointed out that the "Deficit Neutral" health care bill was going to end up costing them billions starting next year. Evidently someone on his staff got a calculator for their birthday.

Must be Moonbat mating season.

Oh and Jerry Brown in The Peoples Republik of Kalifornia says that Sarah Palin is a diva because her contract to speak at a State funded university there required she get a private flight or business/first class flight, hotel accomodations and have two bottles of water at the lectern with bendy straws. What a bitch! Remember when he was Governor Moonbat who ran to be President Moonbat? Remember he dated Linda Ronstadt? I remember the pictures of him rockin' the gonj in the Governor's Office back in the 70s. He's cool that way.

This reminds me, I need to renegotiate my contract. I forgot bendy straws.

Is it any wonder that the Left is bat shit insane? Or, as we say in Texas, Guano Loco. They are all people who have, for their entire lives, pulled a heavy veil over their own knowledge. Suddenly you have a very angry right making them face the consequences of their policies and and not one of them can think of anything to say or do that would make their lies right.

When you spend your entire life lying to yourself and everyone around you about reality, one day reality is going to eye you sticking your head in the sand and realize what an opportunity your ass in the air presents. Yes, Lefties, Madam Reality has got her shit kicking boots on and she's got you in her sights.

I wonder what the Vegas odds are?

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