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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Objectivist View

Many people call me a Libertarian, but I am not.  I am not Republican or Conservative.  I firmly believe that if you know what's best for your life and it harms no other being on this planet, then live your life as you please.  Just leave me alone to live mine in the same manner.

You see, I don't care if you do drugs.  However, I think that as you are a young person, usually, when you start doing drugs, that we should have an anti-drug program in the public schools that cheap and lazy parents insist we have.  However, there is a small change I'd like to propose in this anti-drug program.  When we're teaching children the horrors of drug addiction, teach them the cost. Then teach them the math.  The math of lost wages, lost jobs and unemployment.  Teach them that the State no longer pays for rehab when you're in jail or prison for drug crimes, because we've decriminalized drugs.  You can buy and use drugs, however, you have to have proof of at least two stays in Capitalized drug rehab in a trust account before you are allowed to buy even a leaf of marijuana. Yes, to show us how dedicated you are to drug use, you have to FIRST save up for your own rehab when your family inevitably has had enough of you, and makes you go in to rehab.  The second paid stay is for when you finally want to get off drugs on your own and this time, because it's your choice, it may stick.  Doubtful. The entire drug rehab caper is built upon recidivism.

How many kids do you think will go out, get jobs to pay for their own drug rehab?  How many will do it if you go to prison for life if you get busted and it's shown you don't have it?  What if there is a death penalty to anyone shown to be high while committing a crime and they have no drug rehab paid for and we don't tax people to do it in prison anymore?  I do believe in imprisonment for bad decisions where you decide that you are going to harm someone's life and/or property because you want to be lazy AND stupid.  I mean it's not like I didn't give you an alternative, right?  You made a choice, society made theirs.

Don't show kids pictures and movies of strung out heroine addicts.  Have rehab counselors come in and tell them how much their sessions cost, and how often they see the same people in over and over again.  Have them have some cured addicts come in and tell them exactly how much it cost them to get sober again.  I don't want to hear whining about how hard it is to be a drug addict.  If it was so damned hard so many stupid and lazy people wouldn't be doing it.

I'm fine with drug use and alcohol use right up until you harm someone or their property when you do it.  If you can't afford to fix it, then you're obviously a drain on society and should therefore be removed from it.  Prison, wilderness banishment, I don't care. Get your leech ass away from productive mankind.

You want to smoke?  Fine.  But, since we're all aware of the problems it causes, be sure that you carry your own health insurance. And you don't get to sue cigarette manufacturers because you chose to smoke or expect the American taxpayers to pay for your bad decisions.

Think about it for a moment.  How much are we, as taxpayers, on the hook for people too stupid and too lazy to make good decisions.  Should they really be allowed to vote or make decisions any harder than which part of the floor of an abandoned warehouse to sleep?  Did you know that we pay for drug rehab for prisoners who have been convicted of drug crimes as a condition of their conviction?  Yeah, if they complete rehab (which we all know works SO well with the unwilling) they get out of jail free with an adjudicated sentence.  So you know how many of them are repeat offenders and frequent fliers?

Are you still willing to smoke if you have to show proof of health insurance with every pack you buy?  This is one regulation I am willing to own.  I don't care if you smoke, you can even smoke in restaurants, etc., since that study by the EPA was shown to be about as reliable as those on Global Warming.  I just refuse to pay for you to quit or have lung cancer and/or COPD and emphysema. GET IT?

I don't care if you make retarded decisions, but I refuse to pay for them instead of you.  For the past 45 or so years we've been making society pay for the bad decision making of a whole host of people who really shouldn't be in charge of walking a dog, much less whether or not to use drugs.  If you had to show proof of rehab payment or health insurance to buy your drug of choice, how many kids would even start?  Don't know. I care even less.  Just as long as I'm not on the hook for their bad decisions.  I have enough to deal with making my own decisions, I should not be responsible for yours.

This is all of a piece of not taking personal responsibility for yourself.  It's society's fault, mommy's fault, daddy's fault.  The fault of everyone but the person using and abusing.  And we wonder why we have such a huge drug culture.

For those of you who say that the government should sell the drugs and tax the hell out of it, yeah, that works so well because government is so efficient and tracks things so well.  I mean, look at healthcare, right?

If you want to sell drugs, that's great!  But you have to go through classes on how to spot fake ID, just like folks who sell beer.  I think it's fair.  I also think that you lose your license and go to prison for life if you're caught selling to underage folks or not checking for proof of rehab trust or health insurance.  The Black Market will always exist.  I think Radar O'Reilly showed us that all too well.  It's going to exist, but no more tickets, no more fines.  Straight to prison you go with no possibility of parole.  You've already shown yourself unfit for society.  Also, my views on prisoners working for their food and shelter is well known.  You don't get to be a leech in my world.  Ever.

It's very simple.  I know what's best for me, not for you.  However, when it's proven you cannot make good choices, good decisions, then it's not up to society to make you better, it's up to YOU to make yourself a useful, productive part of society, and it will, by God, not be on MY dime.

Frankly, I think China got it right.

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