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Thursday, January 08, 2015


Yesterday was a very weird day.  As I sat watching the news from France with a sangfroid that would shock most people, I wondered at the future.  I'm one of those people who tends to looks back and then ahead when something such as this happens.

You see, when something like 9/11 happens to Americans, the rest of the world sneers and says, "They deserve it, those Americans" and turn away, then prove how wonderful and morally superior they are by welcoming the ones who did something so atrocious.  Even some within this country, Ward Churchill & Jeremiah Wright, were saying it before they'd even cleared any rubble from the WTC.  And, because we're raised, as a nation, to be the better person, we turn the other cheek and ignore it and keep going on. We allow them to bludgeon us with our own virtue.

The next few years in Europe are going to be enlightening to those of us who have shaken our heads and wondered why so many here want us to be just like them.  Because we see the truth.  Barry and his puppeteer, Valerie Jarret will not find Americans so willing to castigate themselves to Islam now.  Because the horrific events in a Paris magazine office proved to us that we were right in not trusting Muslims an inch. Every act, past and future will be magnified under the lens of horrified scrutiny now by a race of people who have spent the past 100 years ashamed of living.  Islam will now have no safe haven within soft targets, and frankly, is there anyone softer than the Europeans?  Have you ever seen any people wo ready to be subjugated, any horror they will not endure to keep from thinking or being responsible for their own lives?

The blow back to Islam will make the crusades look like a garden party.  We have fracking now.  WTF do we need to be nice to the Arabs for?  Why the hell should we be thanking them for the concept of the null set when we explore space? The Saudis quiet support of Wahabism will burn that section of the world down.  Unfortunately, it will take a great part of the South China Sea with it, as they have turned to Islam in their ignorance and poverty. There will be no safe havens.  There will be no peace.  The rest of the world is fed up and they will be intractable and unforgiving.  Doubt me if you will, but in the next couple of years a lot of fed up people will no longer see a need to be silently outraged at having Islam shoved down their throats.  They will start remembering World History classes and find that the Spanish ousted the Moors and that whatever the ineffectual Spaniards could do, we can do better. In fact, I will go further.  I predict that in 50 years Islam will be outlawed in most civilized countries and will find no adherents here in the States.  Not because we change our Constitution, but because we make it very uncomfortable to practice such a hateful "religion" here.

See, when you finally attack the "civilized" folks of France, the liberal world gets upset because they frankly (get it?) consider France the center of all culture in the world.  And when you hit folks in the cultural center, well, they are bound to get a little bent out of shape.  Yes, you can bomb trains in England and Spain and kill artists in Holland, but you brazenly murdered 12 people and a gendarme in broad daylight, while shouting Islamic skreed, so yeah, people are going to get their knickers in a knot.  Even the weak kneed Libs will almost stand up and say in a clear, ringing voice, "Rubbish!  That's not nice!"  And you may even get the brave Elizabeth Warren to shake her fist at you while screaming that you didn't do that.

Frankly, I don't know the retards you whipped into a frenzy to go take out the staff of this magazine, but I've seen their work. Did you idiots finally run out of babies in Lebanon to strap bombs to?  Surely you've got some cowed women in burkas in Paris that you could have strapped C4 to and blown up in the building?  But, you did it with guns.  Did you know that libtarded asshats hates guns more than they hate themselves?  It's why, when they finally can't hide from themselves anymore they shoot themselves.  Yeah, you really should have stuck with C4, it's cheap and easy to make and it's not a gun.  Even though it does more damage than a gun, Libs hate guns more.  You fucked up there.

Hey, I'm just giving you knuckle dragging anachronisms an honest critique here.  Hey, while we're critiquing, how about this picture?
Yeah, love is greater than hate.

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