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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I have to admit, I've had a bit of fun with all of this illegal influx into the US.  For years I've had to hear the Liberal Harpies screech about "just let them in!" And suddenly, here's Obama just 'letting them in' and they see what the border states have been dealing with for decades of crap immigration policy in the US and the NIMBY chant is heard all over the damned nation.

Nancy Legosi goes to the border and the Mutha of Our Nation just loves them so much she wants to take them home with her, but she just can't.  Because it would be unfair.  Not in my backyard!

Typical of all Modern Liberals, they just love the little immigrant children.  Just love them so much they don't want anything to do with them until some bright Ivy Leaguer points out that they are just unregistered democrats and thus Tammany Hall is reborn, with the DNC leader, Obama, as their modern day Boss Tweed.  Today's elected official are nothing more than ward heelers.   Central Americans are to politicians what the Irish were 100 years ago.  Remember, last century when all of those words had bad connotations?

Modern Libs are like this all over the map.  Wind Farms?  Because the earth is warming so everyone needs to get their power from wind turbines that kill the birds and are pretty noisy. Well, NIMBY!  Right Kennedys? 

Free the mentally ill trapped in mental institutions!  These people can't help their mental illness!  Well, NIMBY!  Libs don't pay outrageous property taxes to have homeless people bring down their property values! (And they portray that as a Republican or Conservative action, which makes it delicious in my catalog of the ridiculous.)

Oh the poor illegal immigrants!  Give them amnesty!  They do this out of love!  Well, NIMBY!  Except we don't want them in our neighborhoods without uniforms on or pushing a baby carriage.  Oh, no need to get a work VISA or green card, they'll just pay under the table thus avoiding those horrid taxes they are forever raising for everyone else.

Love a Liberal.  Because God knows, no one else does.

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