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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An Open Letter to F Chuck Todd

Dear Mr. Todd,

I was fortunate enough to catch your riveting views on Eric Cantor's loss in the VA primaries last night.  Being one of the Southerners you so disdain, I would like to invite you down to Texas to come tell us how the Statist Cow eats the Liberal cabbage.  Since we're all too simple to understand complex issues like Immigration reform, border control and the influx of drugs from Mexican Cartels, perhaps you can dumb it all down so that we can see what you think is reality.

What we see down here in the South, along the border states is that the deluge of illegal immigrants, coming because the current administration is having our embassies and consulates in Mexico and Central America, tell every man, woman and abortion that they can come El Norte and get a ton of freebies that even our tax paying, natural born citizens cannot hope to attain. We see the diseases they bring and that our health centers are forced to treat for free to them, paid for by the, once again, natural born, tax paying citizens.  Unless you have found a treatment for antibiotic resistant tuberculosis, I suggest you look at the CDCs MMWWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly World Report) to get a clarified look at the issue on TB, measles, rubella, chicken pox and in particularly, whooping cough.

In the event you've never been to fly-over country (and my guess is you haven't) you may want to come to Texas and head to The Valley and check out the border shanty towns AKA Colonias where illegal immigrants live in filth and squalor and disease like pigs in a sty.  Also, in the event you have no knowledge of community medicine at all (and my guess is you don't) go talk to the doctors and nurses who volunteer time and equipment into treating these people who are sick and ignorant.  They are so ignorant they don't realize that you shouldn't shit where you eat or drink.  Then ask about the incidence of cholera in those communities.  Cholera is a disease that we basically wiped out in the US a century ago due to sewer systems and purifying water to a certain degree.

Mr. Todd, have you ever been to Home Depot or Lowe's down south and along the border? I have to ask, because my guess is you've never seen the parking lot of such a place as there is no need for you to visit one from your Ivory Tower.  It is absolutely depressing to go to these places and be mobbed by "day laborers" who don't speak English and whose main goal is to get injured on your property if you do hire them to cut your lawn or bag leaves so they can sue your home owners policy and you get dinged by the government for hiring undocumented workers so you can also pay taxes and fines.  It's an industry here.

Oh, and be sure to stop by El Paso.  It is customary to get a baby from Juarez, Benedryl it up and stand out in the heat all day begging for money from the Gringos while the baby sleeps and dehydrates.  A portion of their begged money is for renting the baby.  How many babies die for this a year? We don't know because Mexico doesn't care enough about its poor to track such unfortunate happenings so the world will know why so many of their ignorant but hard working people die trying to get here.

Also, if you happen get by San Antonio, visit the Riverwalk. It will do your little liberal journalist heart good to have air conditioning and decent liquor.  It's almost like being in a Mexican Restaurant in California it's so genuine.  Be sure to buy some oranges and grapefruits from the side walk vendors.  Most of that money you give them for fruit you don't want or need (because really, do you know it's provenance?) goes back to family in Mexico.  You'd be supporting the Mexican economy in a very real and provable way!  Imagine the unearned moral superiority you can take back to your Ivory Tower.  In fact, if you play your cards right, you could work it to your advantage and perhaps get a cabinet post in the Obama Administration.  It's all in how you position yourself, but you know this, your entire life is spin and chatter.

I hope you do come down to Texas, Mr. Todd.  I would love to show you around our state, filled with ignorance, racism and hate. I will be sure to avoid the communities where Anglos and Hispanics get along just fine because they have the same life goals... but we'd still have Austin! And you know what they say, Keep Austin Weird!  We'll be sure to avoid the projects where your beloved Democrats house their ballot cattle... so perhaps a smaller slice of Austin... but It's still the Texas of your world view!

And if all else fails, we have Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, because nothing wins a flaming libtarded moron such as yourself as a theme park.

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