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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Outraged About Cancer Cure

Today, all over the internet you could not swing a dead cat without hitting a link to this study on Cancer.  FUCK YOU!  Measles vaccinations are the damned reason I have Type 1 Diabetes in the first damned place.  If you stuck me in a room and gave me a choice between Cancer and Type 1 Diabetes, I would choose cancer EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. TIME.  Every single fucking time.  Let me put that into perspective, EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. TIME.

Why?  Why would I choose horrible cancer over Diabetes?  Cancer kills, diabetes is just a shot, right?  RIGHT?

Let me take your little mind on a walk her and hope something sinks in. Something about the god-awful, horrific disease that is Type 1 Diabetes.

I have had Type 1 Diabetes for over 20 years.  I got it shortly before I got pregnant with my youngest daughter.  I did not know I had it until I was six months pregnant with her.  My father took me to the local maternity hospital because I could barely walk, could barely breathe.  I made it up to the Maternity ward ER due to sheer stint of will rather than anything the freaking hospital did for me.  I was just a prego, right?

My ex-husband has Type 1 Diabetes, it runs in his family.  I had tested my blood sugar before I left home and the monitor read, "Too High".  At the hospital, my blood glucose was too high for their monitors and after many hours, after they had begun a freaking insulin drip, it got to around 600.  They had no idea how I was conscious.  Your blood sugar, BTW, is optimum at about 110.  I was very ill and I was pregnant.  So they called it Gestational Diabetes.  When I got pneumonia and septicemia and was forced to give birth before the bun was finished in the oven, they just stopped giving me insulin.  I had been strictly controlled during my pregnancy.  I had a baby to worry about.  They also stopped looking at my blood glucose once I gave birth, because doctors are freakin stupid (Just FYI, in the event you haven't already figured that out) and nearly died once I was cut loose two weeks later.

I was lucky that after my maternity "care" I had a good doctor who got me on a good regimen. I've spent the twenty years in between getting my diagnosis and now carefully looking into Diabetes research.  With the exception of one brave researcher in Israel, NO ONE, absofuckinglutely NO ONE, is doing any sort of research for Type 1 diabetes.  Why?  Because this one isn't anyone's fault and is usually genetic. So, how did I, a person who comes from a disgustingly healthy family get Type 1 Diabetes?  An over eager Ob/Gyn who decided for about 3 years in a row I should get the measles vaccine. 

But... But... Measles are horrible!  We have a vaccine!  Are you one of those Jenny McCarthy idiots?  No, I do not believe that vaccines cause autism.  But I do, FIRMLY, believe that over-vaccination causes tones of Auto-Immune Inflammatory responses that will tend to cause Type 1 Diabetes.  My proof?  The lone researcher in Israel who found that Islet cells are not just randomly dying off for no reason, they are being repressed by an auto-immune inflammatory response.  I have held this theory for decades, so don't think I am some Johnny-Come-Lately to this view point.  I have an almost innate understanding of human biochemistry and physiology so you could say, I understand this at the atomic level.

So when I see an article saying that jacking up someone's immune system via the measles vaccine is the new cure for cancer (as if there is one type of cancer to cure!) and the retards in the universe eating it up, I tend to get a little... exercised.

I started getting his the  measles vaccine after I gave birth to my youngest son in 1987.  My titer kept showing I had no immunity, despite the fact that the type of measles I had been vaccinated for, I had actually had the disease in the 60's.  That was the ONLY immune system change that had entered my system artificially and immediately I developed debilitating allergies for which I was treated with prescription meds.  I have dealt with this auto-immune response ever since.  Please note, prior to 1987 I had never, ever had allergies.  I got eczema.  Eventually I got pregnant and discovered I had Type 1 Diabetes.

It has been pure, unmitigated hell ever since.

I have to take 5 shots a day, plus the obligatory monitoring of my blood sugar levels, which includes, at the very least, another 4 sticks into my epidermis.  You could say, during your work day, I am sticking myself with something sharp every. single. fucking. hour.  EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. HOUR.

I have to listen to my doctors about being non-compliant because every now and again I get pissed at all of it and don't monitor the blood glucose.  I let my A1C get high.  I don't give a flying fuck on a rolling donut, I'm going to be like everyone else on this planet for just 15 damned minutes.  I want a glass of wine, or tiramisu for dessert. Do you have to worry about eating one bite too many?  I do.  Constantly.  Do you have to worry about getting too stressed and sending your blood sugar into the stratosphere?  Do yoiu ever worry about your doctor not reading the big read fucking letters on your charts reading DIABETIC and just giving you a steroid shot for pain before realizing that you should not get steroids as they send your blood sugar to a new fucking universe?

Have you ever had to have an in depth conversation with your doctor about every single medication you take and have to decide what you are willing to put up with for your chronic arthritic pain?  Have you ever, EVER, had to live in several years with breath stealing  pain because you cannot take any more pain medication because your kidneys are in risk of shutting down? I bet you haven't so you skwee all over about this article about how a simple vaccine can sure cancer.

I have friends who have had cancer.  They don't have cancer any more.  I still have diabetes. I have friends and relatives that have died of cancer.  It was quick in comparative analysis between cancer and diabetes.

I live with the daily fucking realization that I am slowly and painfully dying of a disease that COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED if not for some young, ignorant physician who thought he clearly  understood the human immunological system.  When you get cancer, 70% of the time it will not be because of anything you have actively done or had done to you.  Anaplastic cells happen.  More often than shit, statistically.  I live with the daily shots, the calorie counting at the drop of a hat, sliding scales and the knowledge that the moment I get bronchitis I am nearly dead, simply because my body is so busy fighting itself it cannot fight off a new disease.  I hate it to the last atom of my being.

Doctors don't know dick.  Let me repeat that.  DOCTORS. DON'T. KNOW. DICK.  Everything they do is a guess based on a book they once read in med school.  If it can put it into perspective I spent two years making money tutoring many doctors in bio-chem. Because I understood it and they didn't.  And they still don't, but they passed a test so they can still cut into your heart without realizing that it's all tied together.  Ask your doctor to explain glycolysis to you during a typical office visit.  My money is on "They Can't".

So if you have cancer and you're all over the "Measle Me Up" bandwagon, realize, they unintended consequences will put you on  H1 blockers, breathing treatments and have your body, forever fighting against YOU.

Get some knowledge.  Take a physiology course.  Know something about your own damned body before you jump on any damned, fucking "It's the Cure!" train.

Given a choice between cancer and diabetes, I'll take my chances with cancer EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. TIME.

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