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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Behind the Weapon

As I have been forced to listen to all of the crap espoused by Elliot Rodgers and by the sycophantic media so ready to deify anyone who commits a gun crime by making them a TEA Party member before they fail to mention they weren't, and then crying great big crocodile tears about the sins and horrors of gun crime at a press interview while surrounded by all of their heavily armed bodyguards.

Hypocrisy, thy name is media.

I'm going to make a few points here that have managed to piss off quite a few folks on Facebook.  I don't really take credit for it because those people are so ready to be outraged by something, anything. 

An individual by the name of Elliot Rodgers, a young man being treated by multiple therapists and and on a veritable cocktail of psychotropic drugs, who then refused to take them, decided last week he would make a capitalist hating, mom hating manifesto then go kill some people with a knife and a gun.

He did not get 18 friends to join him in flying a plane into a building.  He did not strap on a vest of  and sit on a bus full of children before detonating himself.

Elliot Rodgers, a mentally ill young individual took a knife and a firearm and killed people, by his own choice... actually, two choices. The first was to stop taking his meds.  The second was to kill people while mentally screwed up.  The third choice was in making a manifesto that was really nothing more than the temper tantrum of a toddler denied a chocolate bar in the candy aisle of a grocery store.

This individual, lone person decided to go to a sorority, because evidently his mother's choice to not marry money so he'd have enough money to get laid was the root of all of his angst.  Hmmmm, If I decided to kill a person every time I didn't get laid...  I kid.  I'm married, we're supposed to live in privation.

Anyway, this moron went and knifed people, shot people with a firearm, but you know who's fault it is? It's the gun's fault for existing.  In fact, the media reports were saying this idiot shot 6 people and left 7 others injured.  He did not. NBC News still has it up on their website that he went on a shooting rampage.  He did not.  He went on a murderous rampage and used any weapon available to him to kill people including a knife.

I like guns.  They have real stopping power.  However, I refuse to use them for more than target practice any more because they are noisy and messy.  And, most of all, they can easily be traced. No, my preferred weapon is a knife.  Why?  Because if you know what you're doing with one it's very easy to incapacitate someone quietly and still quite as deadly.  They don't make noise and the most any forensic scientist can tell is the type of blade, shape of the blade, how much force used and angle of attack.  None of those will tell you who owns it or where you bought it.  It can tell them how well you know your business, hesitation marks being what they are.

The problem is, any dumbfuck can fire a gun.  No, seriously.  I've seen complete muppets pick up and shoot a gun.  But use a knife without carving themselves up and leaving more evidence than you might perhaps like?  No. If you want someone to show you really good knifework, find an Israeli ex-military.  They have knifework down to an art. Watching them is like taking a master class is silent killing.

It's messy, and there is always the chance you will cut yourself somehow.  Usually you do so they get DNA on you as well, plus you have to explain the gash to any investigators that come sniffing your way.  Also, that nice slice across the throat they show in movies?  It ain't that easy, especially with some 230 lb guy wriggling around who most definitely does NOT want his throat slit.  It takes practice and long hours of it.  Plus, to add insult to injury, it's always best to try to twist after a stab to do as much damage as possible. I mean, you don't want them bouncing right back up like a soap opera star. Am I right?  Show of hands?

Kind of makes you sick when you think about it.  Does it make you as sick when you think about someone being shot?  So why is it, when someone gets stabbed as they do on an hourly basis on this planet, you're not out there with a sign or a hashtag, screaming for knives to be banned?  Why, in that case do you blame the person, and not the weapon of choice?

Why is it this Rodgers kid screwed it up for all of you when he used a gun and a knife to kill people, and the reason no one mentions the knife is because of the gun control narrative?  Why did you think we wouldn't notice.

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