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Monday, May 19, 2014

All Hail The Conquering Hero

I love to listen to The Shins song Phantom Limb.  It's a very soothing sound.  The thing is, like so many songs, I despise the lyrics.  And, of course, anything I despise I make fun of.  Call it a genetic imperative if you will.  There are some who think it's about two lesbian girls in a small town.  The video is about the White Man over taking the Noble Savage Native American.  This is the one I choose to hate, even though the angsty "lesbian in a small town" drives me to laughter and Little Britain sketches.  Daffyd is hilarious.

I spent about half an hour today looking at how the map of America has changed since we took our Liberty. My history major son peeked over my shoulder and he explained some changes I didn't remember or never knew.  I honestly had no remembrance that we had gotten Florida via treaty with Spain.  For some reason I thought we'd acquired it through the apathy of Spain towards its colonies. Go figure.

Between the two above mentioned things and all of the "Check Your Privilege" nonsense, I got a little exercised this morning and thought of something that capped it all.


I know, hardly diplomatic, but there it is.  I mean, WTF?  (No, not with the family).  Do you honestly think that Romans sat around all angsty and guilt ridden because they had conquered Gaul and Britain and Spain and then colonized them?  Do you honestly think anyone in Britain, Spain or France sat up nights worrying about encroaching on native lands in their New World colonies?  I seriously doubt even one person thought about it like that.

My son and I had an in depth discussion on the differences in British, French and Spanish colonialism. I told him about a show I'd watched while healing up from a motorcycle accident.  It was on how tying land ownership to citizenship in the American colonies strengthened the culture whereas nobility owning the land in New Spain and only sending over single men created the instability we see even today, in South America.

My son says that I am putting a modern day problem into ancient perspective.  Post-enlightenment means that we should have realized the harm we were causing the natives and backed off, so we were wrong for conquering them and taking their land.  Really?  And yet it's what all Europe did in the New World and the Pacific Islands.  Do you think the Natives around Jamestown stayed up nights over killing all of the men in the colony and stealing and enslaving their women, even though they were white Europeans who surely did not deserver such a fate?  I seriously doubt they did.

My point?  If the natives had had the ability to overcome the conquerors of New Spain, and the Natives in America had had the capability to protect their territories, human history would be different.  Progress is what caused it.  A more technologically advanced society came to the New World and won. Whether you think it's right or wrong, it happened.  Deal with it.  My son says I'm feeding trolls with this, but I don't think so.  I don't think the trolls know how ignorant they are of all human history and if they do get an inkling, they have no wish to correct it.

My forebears came to America from Germany and Ireland.  They came in the mid-1840s.  They had nothing whatsoever to do with the colonial or Civil wars.  Did they have something to do with displacing native peoples?  I would have to say yes as they were pioneers and went to California and the Oregon Territories during the Gold Rush.  Hell, I think some great-great grandpa married a Native woman.  Some in the family claim that but I've only heard it from one source I consider reliable so I put an asterisk next to that "Family Fact".  I am not Elizabeth Warren.  It was so long ago I'm sure I don't even have one block of DNA from that great-great grandmother.

My people were conquered by the Romans and then the Northmen.  Both Germany and the British Isles were colonized by Romans and Vikings.  They probably took my ancestors as slaves at some point before they integrated into Celtic and Germanic societies.  I don't hate Italians or anyone in Norway, Denmark or Sweden. I don't have an axe to grind with The Hanseatic League.  Do I think that my people were victimized by Rome or the Vikings?  Once again, if they had been able to protect their lands and territory, history would be very different.

Allow me to put this into a modern context.  When Bill Gates created DOS and then made a deal with IBM to put it on all of their PCs and he then cornered the PC market back in the early 80s, he conquered the PC Market.  He made a better mousetrap and people did flock to his door.  He won and has held a better share of the market until Apple Computers made in-roads with their iPods, iPhones and iPads.  Should Apple Computers feel bad about making a better mousetrap and grabbing a bigger market share? Should they feel bad that they have integrated some former PC users into their "society"?  Should they pay reparations to Microsoft for having created better machines that are easier to use? Should Steve Jobs roast in hell because he had a vision and saw it through?

If you think he should then YOU are part of the problem in America and perhaps you would be happier in China or Venezuela.  I'll help you pack.

I'm always ready to celebrate the winners.  I'm in the minority it seems.  I think America is the greatest nation this planet has ever seen. See our Constitution if you have to ask why.  We came.  We saw.  We conquered.  Vini.  Vidi.  Vici. We didn't cheat.  We didn't do anything underhanded.  We did what, at the time, was acceptable across all existing nations and societies.  We came to the New World and we made it our home. Did we do it perfectly?  No. Do I stay up nights crying over the plight of the American Natives?  Also, no.  What's done is done.  Things are the way they are.  No amount of revisionist history is going to stop libtards from crying in their microbrew about how put upon someone they don't even know is.  Someone they will never know.

Think about it, do you feel horrible because Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, Greece and made his way to the Hindu Kush?  Do you wake up in fear and sweating because the Romans conquered the Etruscans and the Greeks, the Gauls, the Iberians, the Brits, The Goths, the Visigoths, The Dacians, The Thracians, The Macedonians, The Proto-Celts?  Does it make you feel like apologizing because the Vikings explored and conquered all over Europe, Asia and Greenland?  Do you get sick to your stomach thinking about Spanish Conquistadores and the Incas or Aztecs?  Have you ever written an epic poem trying to resolve your guilt because Texas beat the hell out of the Mexicans and won most of the American West and Southwest for America?

If you can say yes to any of those questions, please see me about the ass kicking you seriously need.  And no, I won't feel a lick of guilt over conquering your idiocy.

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