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Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Book Is On The Virtual Shelf!

So, via Kindle Direct Publishing, I have published my first book, a work of fiction.  Dark Matters, the first of the Instruments of Wrath series, is now available for download to your Kindle device.  Since I was excited about trying this new form of publishing, even self-publishing, I rushed through that process.  It's a learning process.  If there is anything I love more than learning I've yet to find it.

It's been a haul, from the germ of the idea that I had for world building through being hijacked and inevitably just taking dictation from my characters.  I originally had thought of a different story based on the premise of this universe, but it always felt a little too ShadowRun for my tastes.  It took me a few chapters into that book for me to trash it, even I hated it and frankly, I'll read anything.  So I took a step back and re-thought.  And, while watching a music video (h/t to Imagine Dragons) I came up with the seed of the idea for the Instruments of Wrath universe.  I started writing and it was difficult, because I had not set it down in even outline for, so I was flying by the seat of my pants.  I sat down, wrote out a character outline and then a chapter outline and I kept on writing and suddenly, it got easier and the characters took over and Bob's Your Uncle, the outline was out the window and the story was better for it.  It also allowed me to continue running with some characters beyond the original story.  As they say, Rome was not built in a day, so I came up with a three story arc.  Actually, five story as I plan two novellas from this lot.

It was nice to have a goal and an outlet for my nerdy, amateur physicist mind.  I took the silly theory of Dark Matter and made it useful to me. I made it magic and gave it a reason for being in the universe.  The books are pure urban fantasy without being post-apocryphal, such as in the Kate Daniels universe created by Ilona Andrews.

I did not write a dedication or acknowledgment in this book.  One of those things I overlooked in my excitement of trying something brand new.  So consider this those pages.

I dedicate this book to my husband who had enough faith in me to say, "Sure, quit your job and write.  I hate listening to you bitch about your job anyway."  Thanks, Babe.  You'll do.

I have to acknowledge the following:

Kat Richardson for showing me how to get out of an airport in Germany.  She got me over a serious plot problem and I can never forget that as it was the catalyst for the rest of the book.  She probably has no idea how much she helped me.

My Beta-Readers Kelly, Kerry, Marie, Carmen, Michelle and Demetria.  Thanks for the input and critique.  And my eldest son, DJ, for his editorial quips and aid.  It's nice having a college age kid taking English classes to help you on the finer points of punctuation and syntax.

To every writer I've ever read and loved for making my love of language and entering new worlds such a wonderful thing that I tend to live in your worlds much longer than you keep writing them.  You helped develop my imagination, and what is writing fiction if not imagining, "what if?"

Kudos to Sharon Scully for holding my hand throughout this entire process and for agreeing to be my editor.  This was a very stressful time in your life and still you took me on and more than that, became my friend. I will NEVER forget you sending me a cell phone when I was desperate after killing yet another iPhone.  Thank you for being the ONLY person who was not firmly convinced I was a serial phone murder.

So there is the ONLY thing missing from the book.  I hope you read it and enjoy it and want more since my beta readers are already bugging the hell out of me for book two!

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