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Monday, November 18, 2013

Winners of Life's Lottery

I remember Dick Gephardt, one time congress critter and now lobbyist in the beltway, because he just couldn't go back and face the people who had originally put him in office.  Nancy Legosi should take a long hard look at Dick. Can I call you Dick, Dick?  Because I'm going to anyway.

In Dick's world the rich are the winners of life's "lottery".  In essence, if you win the lottery, you're rich and you're just lucky.  You've done nothing to earn that wealth, it just fell in your lap. And, as any Libtarded Asshat will tell you that that is just UNFAIR! And, yes, you can see the letters capitalized when they say it.  It was Dick's justification for taxing the rich more and thereby confiscating their riches for... The Gubmint.

The more money the Gubmint steals from the producers, the more free shit they can give their ballot cattle to keep them on the Government Plantation of public housing, food stamps and "free" health care.  Feel me, so far?  Because shit's about to get real.

Enter F. Chuck Todd, reporter extraordinaire, and his interview subject, Jonathan Gruber, professor in the hallowed Ivy League halls of MIT.  Professor Gruber is an elitist Liberal who sees that some are more equal than others and has no problem with culling the herds of the undeserving DNA.  What did professor Gruber, the architect of Obamacare have to say that was so important that no less than F. Chuck Todd has to interview him?  Let's find out, shall we.

It's 12 million people, about a third of which will end up paying more under this law. And that as you said in the introductions sort of the idea. We currently have a highly discriminatory system where if you’re sick, if you’ve been sick or [if] you’re going to get sick, you cannot get health insurance.

The only way to end that discriminatory system is to bring everyone into the system and pay one fair price. That means that the genetic winners, the lottery winners who've been paying an artificially low price because of this discrimination now will have to pay more in return. And that, by my estimate, is about four million people. In return, we'll have a fixed system where over 30 million people will now for the first time be able to access fairly price and guaranteed health insurance.

Discriminatory.  What an interesting word.  I know what it used to mean. I know what it really means.  I also know what Liberal Verbal Alchemy has tried to turn it in to.  It used to be that if you were called "discriminating" it meant that you looked for the best and paid for the best what you thought the best was worth.  It used to be a good thing to be called, meaning that you got value for your money and liked quality.

Now it's supposed to mean that you are racist and hate poor, sick people.

Professor Gruber sickens me on so many levels that it's difficult to pick exactly which one is paramount.  No.  Wait.  I know.


I hate Nazis.  I hate eugenics.  And God alone knows how many nights I've sat trying to imagine the perfect hell for Margaret Sanger, surrounded by all of the babies of the "mud people" she and her ilk aborted and killed.  Oh, yes, Family Planning is a nice way to word genocide.


You think you're above it all.  As one of the Liberal Elite, you stand outside the Lottery Winners and Losers.  I wonder what the rent is like in your reality Professor Gruber?  Also how the hell do you know what people have been or not been paying for health care?  You sit on Olympus, looking down on all of us wage slaves who provide you with your State Run Health Care in the heady realms of Massachusetts.  How wonderful it must be to be you. How thrilling to be one of The Chosen. I really feel lucky down here in the mucky muck, one of the 'unlucky' whose wages you stick your hand in to gather more freebies for your plans of world domination through theft of your betters.  What does that feel like Brain?  Because, sitting here as Pinky I think you suck.  You suck long and hard. 

You scream about equality and yet you pretend you sit above the riff raff.  It's funny, because I've always seen myself as above you.  Why?  Because I didn't feel the need to get a useless science degree then pretend I was a scientist.  I got a useful science degree then I was a real scientist.  And then I quit because I woke up one day and realized that the scientific field was filled with fakirs such as yourself, no better than snake oil salesmen looking for government grants and hand outs while you pretended to look for truth.  You never found truth because A) you were never really looking for it and B) you wouldn't recognize truth if it crawled up your intestine and laid eggs.

How can I say that?  What ho!  I have proof! What proof, you ask?  Sit down you whiny little bitch and I'll lay some real truth down for you.

Nobody, not even the most idiotic buffoon in the world, and I speak of Obama here, would ever, EVER use Nazi eugenic terms when trying to sell the sinking POS that is Obamacare.  That's your creation, right?  Well, looks like that ship is taking on water, and what do you do?  You get on TV with old F. Chuckie and say that there is evidently a "lucky gene pool" (of which, I would like to interject, there is absolutely no scientific proof) which exists, evidently, where you can find puppies and kittens and unicorn farts. (Also which have no scientific validity)

This is how it started with the Jews in Nazi Germany, Professor Gruber.  (Obviously not a professor of history, eh?)  The Dirty Jews had all the money, so therefore it must be forceably taken from them and then doled out to poor Aryans who were more deserving and genetically superior.  GREAT IDEA!  Can we gas all the Liberals in DC now?  Can we throw Professor Gruber in a concentration camp and see how he fucking likes it?  I mean, equality, right?

So let me be perfectly clear.  I want no misunderstandings between Professor Gruber and myself.  If you feel yourself unworthy of the human race, TAKE YOURSELF OUT.  But don't take another soul with you, you pig. Suck start a fucking shot gun or take the pussy's way out and swallow some pills.  Drive yourself into a wall.  Slash your wrists (across for attention, up and down for serious). Set yourself on fire.  Tie a knot in your dick (better yet, let me do that for you) and don't procreate you officious turd. (Yes, double the fun). Die in a fire.

Better yet, shut your lying liar hole and fade into the obscurity you deserve.

See you at the Hitler Youth rally Herr Kommissar.

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