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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sometimes A Cigar Is Just A Cigar

For psych majors, and aren't there really just too many of those out there these days anyway, Freud's observation that sometimes something is what it is is confusing.  Just like that huge run on sentence.  For them, couched in the liberal teachings they've encountered their whole lives, the tacit, the unsaid, the euphemisms, the concept of something being exactly what it appears is mind boggling.  I have a friend who is about to graduate with her BA in psych and she's just recently come to realize this.  She's a really smart cookie with a heart as big as Texas, so it comes as no surprise to me that she's one of the few who realize this.

For those who believe in Political Correctness, Human Resources and Women's Studies, this may be a hard article for you to read.  I will use words that mean exactly what I say and say exactly what I mean.  To the generations who have been schooled in the "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" double speak of the Progressive Liberal, this article may be completely incomprehensible to you.  But, don't panic.  Remember, the Guide has that printed in bold letters on the cover.  A dictionary is always available and right wing academics are waiting with their phones to guide your way out of the darkness you have been conditioned to accept.

In all probability, between Ben Ghazi and Fast and Furious, Obama's administration will go down faster than a hooker on nickle night once the MSM is through sucking them off.  Yes, that was crude and entirely accurate.  Do I think that Chris Matthews is down on his knees under the Oval Office Desk?  Most days, yes, I do.  For all I know it would be Barry fellating Chris under the MSNBC news desk.  Do I think Brian Williams at NBC wants to pet Joe Biden like a prized puppy?  Without a doubt.  Do I think that Rachel Madcow is really an ugly, straight, angry bitch who just wants as much attention as pretending to be a lesbian can get her?  Yes.  Right there, three cigars that are just cigars.  In other words, they are exactly as they seem.

Libtards literally cannot grasp this concept.  For them the truth is hidden beneath layers upon layers of lies, so deep that they cannot be arsed to look for it and kept somnolent by a complicit media who wants so badly to be the good guys without ever knowing the true meaning of the word good.  To be honest, the past few years the idiots in Washington are more reminiscent of monkeys fucking a football than anything else.  The Beltway looks like one enormous circle jerk to everyone outside it and the ONLY people who don't see that are the ones who don't wish to see it.  And yes, that includes everyone within the educational system.

Let me lay this on you. If Libtards truly loved the children and wanted the world so perfect for them, why do they insist on killing so many of them?  Why do they only love oppressed minorities and have no use for those who made it off their plantation?  If they truly agreed with equality of the sexes, why do they notoriously pay women less than they do for a man in the same position? If they truly want equality, explain Nancy Legosi to me.  They want clean, low cost power for everyone and tell resource rich Africans they do not have the right to use their resources and keep them literally in the dark and away from truly improving their lives.  If solar panels are so fantastic, why aren't THEY using them all over the place? Why do they expect others to live in squalor so they can live in luxury?

When you can answer those questions, you will begin to understand this article.  Because, baby, that's just the beginning.  It is what it is.

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