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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why I Respect RG III

If there was any doubt, in the past, that ESPN's Rob Parker was a complete idiot and race baiter, this past week has wipe it away.

Deborah Barrington of USA Today wrote yesterday:
Because the woman he wants to marry is white and because he might be a republican, ESPN's Rob Parker determined the superstar Washington quarterback is "not really down with the cause. He's not one of us. He's kind of black, but he's not really, like, the guy you want to hang out with because he's off to something else."
Black enough. Really? We're having that old conversation?
Seems so, Ms. Barrington.  Because Liberals, and it would appear that the media is one huge Liberal stronghold, would have all identity politics be the ringing issue, instead of unimportant things like Benghazi, Fast and Furious, DoJ misconduct, and voter fraud.  Who needs to know facts when we can all go about screaming "RACIST!!!" like Chicken Little about the sky.  Both are just as ignorant as Rob Parker showed us he is.

Mr. Parker accused Robert Griffin III of being engaged to a white woman. My dear sweet and fluffy lord, say it ain't so.  Not a black man engaged to a white woman?  Look who's coming to dinner.  And then he accused RG III of voting Republican!  Egads! That black man ain't stayin' on the plantation, massuh!  Whip him!  But, Mr. Parker does say that Griffin's braids make him more urban.  Well, damn.  I guess Morgan Freeman was right, we still haven't elected a black president.

The reason Robert Parker was frothing at his identity politics mouth?  Griffin refuses to think of himself as a black quarterback and simply as a quarterback.

Jesus Christ!  How the hell are we going to keep them on the plantation if they don't keep thinking of themselves as victims on the plantation?

Because MLK was correct.  We need to judge men on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.  Liberals love to spout Rev. King, but not this one because they know that to a man, none of them have character.  You cannot have character and hold people down because you are really the one who is racist and hateful.

So RG III refusing to stay on their racial, ballot cattle plantation chafes at them like nettles on bare skin.  Damned black man doesn't know his place.

Oooooo class warfare!

Robert Griffin III is a nice guy.  I know because I've had the opportunity to meet him and observe him when he went to school at Baylor here in Waco, where I live.  More importantly, I know a lot of his friends.  You will know a man better by those he associates with than any other indicator.  The man is humble, funny, and a hard worker, or he wouldn't have done as well in college as an athlete as he did.  Oh, and he's smart.  Never write him off as a dumb jock.  You'll regret it.

So Mr. Robert Parker can go to his racial identity politics hell and sweat it out there, for he's been suspended by ESPN.  Show your boss how ignorant you are and you are likely to lose your job.  Griffin's parents raised him not to consider color over content of character.  Most black people disagree with that.  Who keeps closer to King's dream?

Ask yourself that question each time the race baiters and identity politickers come at you.  If you answer truthfully, you will know the better person.  In this case, RG III and his parents are the better people and not people like Mr. Parker, or even Ms. Barrington who merely parrot back phrases taught them by their white Liberal "betters".  Griffin escaped that racial trap, now if only they could.

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