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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Acceptable Conversation

It's amazing what the family will talk about at the dinner table.  My two adult sons can have the most scandalous of conversations at table, yet both are outraged and shocked if I mention politics. Yes, by all means, talk about prison rape rather than Barak Obama. I'm horrified by both propositions because both will bend you over the table with no lube while whispering it's for your own good. But please, don't mention religion or politics.  Right?

A very patient American Civics teacher by the name of James Ellis taught me two very important lessons when I was in high school.  One, you cannot legislate morality and two, all elections come down to voting for the lesser of two evils.  People understand when you say that, and then immediately forget it because it's a bromide, never taking away the moral of the story.  The lesser of two evils is still evil.  I'll wait while you do the math.

Another election time bromide I'm sick of hearing is "One man's vote doesn't really count.  My vote doesn't count".  I guess if you want to be a whining little wimp you're right and perhaps should never be allowed to vote for anything at anytime.  However, our Founders fought a war to make sure every man could vote if he had the desire to do so.  Voting is one of your Constitutionally granted rights.  Exercise it or leave the country.  But don't sit around bitching because a lot of other assholes are not voting for the things with which you agree.  I'm pretty sure the Universe grants me the right to slap the crap out of you upon hearing your pathetic, mewling complaints.  The Universe trumps your right to whine to a police officer about assault.

In most companies, there are certain rules against speaking about politics in the office place.  Even as political animal as I am, I completely agree.  I have no wish to hear the ignorant political views of most of the ballot cattle I come in to contact with on a daily basis.  Just listening to the lowing cattle on their cell phones in any given public bathroom, break room or Walmart shopping aisle is more than I can bear for more than a minute at a time before I completely lose it and try to remove them from the gene pool.

In the main, I don't really want to listen to stupid people talk about anything in particular, especially religion and politics. These are the two areas which will quickly show a person's intelligence or lack of it.  For to have an opinion, a correct opinion, you must have thought about it and followed your idea to it's full and cumulative conclusion.  Most people can't do this during a lane change during rush hour much less the powerful and important trails of religion and politics.  I'd hardly trust a person who cannot follow simple traffic signs to make a decision like who should represent my interests in Washington. Think about that for a moment.  Look at the person next to you next time you're at the supermarket check out and think to yourself, this person is a possible voter, while they peruse National Enquirer headlines.  Do we really want a person who believes they can lose 100 lbs in a week to decide the people who make national policy?

And yet it is their right unless they are convicted felons.  But, the sad fact of the matter is that most people who do vote are woefully uninformed and unqualified to make the decisions they do.  However it is their Constitutionally granted right to be stupid and registered to vote.  And to be honest, Liberals love stupid voters.  Because a stupid, ignorant voter is easily led into voting how they are told to vote.

And thus why we are told not to discuss politics or religion in public conversation.  Because if people who know inform those who do not, then they might not vote how their betters decide they need to vote.  If they think about it, question it, they won't be so easily led, then housed on their plantation.

So I try to let my political light shine like a beacon in the darkness that is Liberal instigated ignorance. Their hand has rocked the cradle for far too long.  That is the main reason I believe the voting age and age of majority should be 21 again.  The old argument of "if you can fight for your country then you can vote" loses most of its lustre when contrasted against most of the decisions made by any 18 year old known in the whole of human history. Besides, there is no draft now, so it no longer holds water.  Most people are mature enough by the age of 21 to vote in municipal elections, and by 25, county elections and perhaps statewide offices.  You simply have not lost enough of the wealth you've earned by those ages to understand how badly the choices you make on who to send to DC to represent your interest have been.  They won't listen to their elders who do know, so therefore their ability to effect national policy should be drastically reduced.  Remember, Slick Willy and Barry won the youth vote.  If you can't buy liquor or beer you should not be able to vote. Let's use that as our measuring stick.

But we should be discussing politics in public conversation.  We should be educating one another on the facts and policies.  Do we even know the policies?  I'm spending the next two months learning the policies of my local folks because I already know the national stage.  It's the local rats that will sell us all down the river on their trip to Dupont Circle.  And all politics is local.  Besides, that's where all the best gossip is.

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