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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Things I Don't Get

Some of my detractors will read the title of this post and rub their hands together in glee thinking of all the things that they get that I don't.  To them I say this, don't ever mistake lack of embracing your philosophy for ignorance.  I wouldn't touch your nihilism with a 10 meter cattle prod.  You may keep it.

In the event you haven't noticed, I don't get Identity Politics.  I don't think that just because you're a woman or a union worker or black or Hispanic or gay or tiger striped you should have to vote for one party.  I don't understand what skin color has to do with it or your wages have to do with it or your sexual orientation.  None of that, not one iota of it has anything to do with political philosophy.  Unless you're trying to do something that you know cannot stand the light of day.  If it cannot stand the light of day then you know it's wrong.  Admit it, drop it and move on to something that people will swallow willingly.  If they won't swallow it willingly, stop trying to force it down their throats.  It's very obvious at that point that no one wants it.

And stop the name calling.  Everytime you call some black person Uncle Tom it's glaringly obvious you never read Harriet Beecher Stowe's book.  Uncle Tom was a man of honor who refused to beat another slave.  In fact, he took the option of death rather than beat another enslaved being.  I know it's hard for the progressive mind to wrap itself around the concept of not beating a man when he's down or eating their young, but it is a noble ideal which most of us wish to emulate.  It doesn't matter who you are in the Progressive movement or how big you are, it ALWAYS comes down to name calling.  Name calling is the last bastion of a limited intellect.

Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

Another thing that completely escapes me is the fallacy that all Conservatives hate gays, blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Chinese and all things Thai.  I don't care where your family came from or who you love.  If you are a productive human being who doesn't try to rob me of what I've earned, I'm OK with you.  I have gay friends I dearly love who love to tease me about being their token Conservative.  I keep telling them they should attend less Gay Pride events and more TEA Party events.  They are all productive, able members of the human race who have been told that Liberals are all for them and the only ones who truly understand them.  Yeah, I've heard that from abusive spouses a lot.

As for racial minorities, if you haven't noticed by now how they want to warehouse you, keep you dependent on Massah Gubmint then you're stupid and lazy.  Those are the only two rational explanations for why you refuse to work to get off welfare and be productive.  In fact, I will say this about the entire human race, most human problems are caused by humans being too stupid and/or too lazy to solve their own problems.  Get off the damned plantation and think for yourself.  Your mental slavery is the worst kind.  The shackles aren't on your hands and feet but your mind, which you willingly gave them by being too lazy to learn anything in school.  Push yourself a little. This is ALL races.  You're human beings gifted with the most complex computer EVAR.  Use it to break your shackles and live your life completely free, keep what you earn.  You will never again be dependent on another for your well being.

And this is the biggest thing I don't get.  People who are happy, inured to be dependent on government largess.  How do they live with themselves?  The attitude I regularly see is, "Yeah, I am taking your money and spending it on shit you'll never have because I get it for free."  They also don't appreciate anything they do have because it's handed to them to keep them complacent and happy in The Matrix.  That's the danger of being dependent on anyone else for your life.  Note, I did not say livelihood.  These are people who would literally starve without welfare, food stamps, WIC, rent assistance, you name it, they know how to get it.  They know how to game the system.  Liberals love them because they are guaranteed votes, if the slovenly cattle could ever be counted on to get off their lazy asses and make it to the polls.  Studies show that most welfare recipients are not politically active.

My advice to those people, get off your ass, get a job.  Self-worth only flows from doing worthy things and making your own living is the only truly worthy thing on the planet.  It makes you independent, it makes you self-sufficient and given the knowledge that no one can take that away from you gives you the confidence to withstand anything thrown at you.  Is it easy?  Hell no, nothing worthwhile is. But when you do it, you would not trade one single moment of the getting there for one more second sucking hind tit on the political sow.  More than that, you will have earned your own respect.  Once you have that, whether or not anyone else respects you won't  matter.  You know your own worth, if others don't know it, it's their loss.

The last thing I don't get is euphemisms.  I will never ever let anyone get away with a euphemism, the half-said, the "tacit understanding" that Liberals use to hide what they are really trying to say.  And, I will point out here, this is why I am disliked by so many.  According to my spouse, I try to enlighten by bludgeoning my victim with bold, unfiltered, brazen honesty.  Once there they have to either embrace it or reject it.  If they reject the truth I have no more time for them and they are Fredo in the fishing boat to me.

It's like this.  Take Obamacare.  It's socialized medicine.  You know it.  Progressives know it.  But they call it the Affordable Health Care Act to make it sound un-like socialized medicine.  OK, it's a steaming pile of cow shit.  They know it so they try to say it's a Bucolic Bundle of Bovine Excretion.  No, it is a steaming pile of cow shit.  You can call it by a pretty name, but it's still shit.  So I call it shit.  CALL IT WHAT IT IS.  I've written on this verbal alchemy before. You cannot change the nature of something by calling it something else.  It is what it is.  A is A.  If you don't know your Aristotle, you'd better get to reading.  Forget Plato and Socrates if you can.

So, that's the short list of things I don't get.  If you're a liberal and this just makes you shake your head and cry for the baby pygmies in Africa, I do not apologize.  You should be crying for yourself.  Because I sure as hell never will.

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