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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Today on MSNBC one of Obama's political hacks appeared and made an attack on Ann Romney, the presumptive RNC nominee to the office of President, this election year.  They are accusing her of not having empathy for other people.

I am going to be crass in my response to that first.  Bitch, you wouldn't know true empathy if it bit you on your oversized ass.

Empathy?  WTF does that have to do with the presidential race and how Mitt Romney, if elected might enforce his policies?  What role does the First Lady have in policy making?  In a Republican administration, none.  We elect the president, not the spouse.  In the past two Democrat led administrations the First Lady seems to overstep her traditional role and influence policy.

I wonder where Michelle Obama's empathy is when she implies in interviews that her daughters' bodies may be less than perfect?  Especially in the adolescent years where our self-image is just being born into what we will see ourselves as when we are adults?  At least Hilary Clinton has the decency and good taste to not mention how her daughter Chelsea awkwardly faced her teen years. Perhaps Hilary sees her daughter as a person in and of herself and not some political tool to be used for her own purposes.

But, according to the slobbering MSM, Michelle Obama is the consummate "empathetic" mother.  I believe that the first two letters in that word are superfluous in that case.

Why is it that anytime Progressives want you to blindly follow something they start in with the feelings?  Since they cannot argue any of their philosophy logically they always go for emotional blackmail, like some huge amorphous Jewish Mother, doling out guilt with a backhoe.  Their challenge comes in the form of people like me who feel no guilt for something they have not done, some moral code that we have not broken.  And, I am getting to the point that the next person who utters the phrase, "...for the children." will be clubbed like a baby Harp Seal.

So, in the interest of illustrating how justified, moral feelings work, I submit the following line of logic:

Since I care so much for my fellow man I want the following things:
  1. Jobs so that every person can make a living and earn a wage for the work they do.
  2. The ability to buy the goods and services needed to enrich their lives with the wages they have earned.
  3. The ability to have children or not based on their ability to provide food and shelter for them.
And that is it.  Because everything else that flows from that will enrich their lives.  All any man needs is the means to make his own way.  If he cannot do so through sloth, then he should be left to starve.  Why is it mean that I think thus?  Because I refuse to support a person who has made a conscious decision to not earn his own way because others will support him.  If you do not see the evil inherent in the above sentence then you need to think about it harder.

When a man decides that for whatever reason he cannot work, what he is saying is "I will not work, and you cannot make me."  OK, I won't try, but you will not be able to steal what I earn because you refuse to do so.  If you decide not to work, you are then deciding to starve.  Logically, those are the only two choices open to you.  If you choose to starve, by your own decision, who am I to stop you?  You can always get hungry enough to realize that you would, indeed, work for food.  And again, who am I to stop you from doing so?

Let me illustrate.  I know several people who have supposed disabilities.  I have a friend with a husband who is blind who teaches disabled veterans how to use computers so they can get jobs.  A blind man teaching, not just using, computers. I know a kid with Down's Syndrome who has worked at the local independent grocery store for as long as I've lived here.  He always takes my groceries out and I get to hear a little about what he's doing with his life. Jeff is a great kid and I enjoy the hell out of our conversations.  I know people that have other disabilities that work jobs.  They expect no quarter and they take none.  When I tell the story of a man who lost a leg in Viet Nam who says he can't work they all give me a disgusted look and move the conversation on to other areas.  I follow them because that man sickens me, too.  Because I'm cold and heartless?  No, because he guilts his wife into doing everything for him, including working full time and making all of his VA appointments, trying to get him into a prosthesis he will actually wear, and going to all of his appointments with him, because the big bad vet is too afraid to go on his own and could not possibly get on to public transportation all by himself, or go get a job all by himself so his wife might actually not have to burden everything all by herself.  No, he's a selfish bastard who sits back and enjoys everyone doing for him so he doesn't ever have to do for himself.  Oh yeah, I really want to have "feelings" for this guy.  I'd like to feel my palm slap his face.

Just because people have some kind of physical injury or defect does not automagically make them heroic or worthy of your notice and empathy.  Remember that the next time someone tells you that you just don't care about anything at all or have never had any feelings at all.

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