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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Save Yourself

I just read The Objective Standard's review for the movie "Waiting for Superman".  It's the movie which is basically the huge indictment of the Liberal Owned public education system.  I saw the movie when it came out, watched it again when it was available on cable.  I agree with what the filmmaker, Davis Guggenheim, was trying to say.  His message is clear, stop waiting for someone to come in and save you.  Save yourself.

If you are waiting around for someone, anyone, to come in and save you from yourself, sit down, shut up and wait to die.  No white knight is going to come in on a charger and save you from the danger you put yourself in front of.  Yes, I just ended a sentence on a preposition, get over it.  If you are unwilling to preserve your own life, your own liberty, why the hell should I bother with you? If you cannot stand up for yourself, don't expect anyone else to do it for you, you lazy, stupid git.

OK, now that I've gotten that vitriol spewed, let's move on.

I've spent the last few years being extremely angry at people within the Conservative class of this country.  They seem to be like the rest of the ballot cattle, unwilling to get their asses off the Government plantation and crying for someone to save them.  Save yourself!  Stabbing Westward did not have the idea wrong.  They sit about wailing and wringing their hands, praying for a New Ronald Reagan instead of going out and becoming the New Ronald Reagan.  I'm sorry, but how sad is that?  It's how we got folks like John McCain and Mitt Romney on ballots instead of folks like Sara Palin and Herman Cain.  Folks like the latter can save themselves and perhaps bring a few along with them, but they see the bigger picture, we have become a society of entitlement snobs who think we're too good for this world and therefore we should have everything handed to us on a silver platter.  To quote Weird Al Yankovic, I'll be mellow when I'm dead.  I'd rather kick and bite and scratch for my freedoms than calmly lie back, stare at the ceiling and think of England.

I think my disgust and disdain for the current political situation we are in is clear.  I don't want or need anyone to save me.  Save that crap for the people who literally cannot care for themselves, the infirm, the mentally retarded, but then, you look around you and you can see that they can, in some cases, care for themselves. I don't need another damned parent.  I can't stand the ones I have who never saw fit to care for or properly raise the children they brought on to this earth.  It's sink or swim time, folks, and I will be the swimmingest mofo on this water planet rather than sink to the bottom waiting for David Hasselhoff to swim out to drag me to safety.  What the Hoff?  Are you seriously so lazy and apathetic about your own existence that you simply don't care?  Seriously, we need suicide zones for people like that.  Get it over with and get out of my way.

Don't get me wrong, we all dream of an easier life.  We all dream of having no decisions that are either/or decisions.  However, if every minute of your day is spent contemplating whether you pay your cell phone bill vs your light bill, you're doing it wrong.  Seriously wrong.

When I dream of a nice retirement, I dream of working hard and then being able to sit back, relax and think that I've earned my relaxation.  I'm the type of person who can't sit down and enjoy a good Tweet session if I have laundry that needs to be in the washer.  And, let's face it folks, I'm not anything special or out of the ordinary.  It's not that I like working hard, who the hell does?  But, I like relaxing knowing that my hard work has bought me this respite.  I like knowing that what I buy with the money I earn is mine and not handed to me by some "caring" government at the cost of the hard work of another.  I love the fruits of my labors, my gardens, my sunroom, my home, my computers, knitting, TVs and everything else I enjoy because I worked, earned the money and bought them myself for me.

This is about taking responsibility for yourself and no one else.  You begin that way.  In early life you are responsible for you and you alone.  When you grow up and either begin a business or a family or perhaps both, if you're extraordinarily ambitious, you take on the responsibility for others.  In a family you have children that you hopefully raise to appreciate the fruits of their labors and that doing for themselves is the highest ideal.  In a business you hire people based on their ability to get their jobs done correctly and then pay them accordingly so that they and their families can hopefully learn to appreciate the enjoyment of the fruits of their labors.  Trickle down really does work.  When have you ever seen welfare trickle up? That kind of mindset is what causes the likes of Nancy Legosi to declare that welfare and food stamps actually help the economy by putting more money back into the communities where they house their ballot cattle.

This is the insidious reward that Liberals try to make you forget you've seen, bettering yourself causes the lives around you to be better.  You are more likely to raise families that are self-sufficient and not sitting at the food stamp office with their hands out.  In other words, they will not be dependent on the Liberals for their lives.  And that is something the Liberals cannot stand.  They cannot stand it if you don't see them as your saviour.

Don't let your saviour be the government.  Be your own saviour.  Save yourself.

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