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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Solyndra Bonuses

Talk about unbelievable.  They Solyndra folks have gone to the Federal Court to pay bonuses to the people who ran our tax dollars into the ground.  Listen here, you rapacious, greedy f$cks, you've already been paid and you did NOTHING.  Well, now you will stay and clean up your mess until you've paid off your debt to the taxpayers of this country.  No bonus, do not pass Go, do not collect two hundred dollars.

We have talking morons on TV saying that the Solyndra execs, who were already in the hole when Van Jones decided that needed half a billion dollars of our tax dollars to keep them afloat, despite everyone on the face of the planet telling them not to do it, deserve their bonuses so they can be retained.  To do what?  The company has already swirled it's way down to the sewer, the death throes are over.  Basically, these guys want more money for failing.  You only get a bonus when you succeed, retard.  Look up the definitions of those words and let me know when the little light in the darkened corners of your moronic existence clicks on that dim illumination.  More money?

I think my favorite line this morning was "Well, we did it for AIG..."  Yeah, so this is my argument.  Two guys rob a store.  The first guy doesn't get caught and gets to keep his ill gotten gains.  The second guy gets caught and has to go to trial.  His lawyers argument is "Well, the first guy didn't get caught or go to jail, so my client should go free, just like him."  How would that go over in our criminal courts?  It's the same logic.  EXACTLY.

There is no such thing as too big to fail.  No such thing as mediocrity being better than success.  There is no second damned place.  You win or you lose. FULL STOP.  If you're not the winner than you are the.... LOSER.  Solyndra lost.  AIG lost.  Countrywide LOST.  What do all of these companies have in common?  Crony capitalism that depended on political favors rather than doing business honestly and competitively.  They could not compete, did not want to work hard and succeed on their own merits, so they thought making us do things we would not otherwise do, would get them the money they did not want to work to earn.  It's kind of like Obama being resentful upon gaining the presidency and only then realizing he'd actually have to work to keep the job.

Hey, does this mean I can go back to former bosses and demand bonuses?  I didn't earn them, but I want them.  Someone get me a lawyer!

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