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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Quiet Bigotry of Low Expectations

Again, I have been labeled a racist for pointing out that ability is the only measure of any person.  Why?  Because I point out that your skin color, country of origin, religion or fruit preference has nothing to do with getting ahead in the world.  It has EVERYTHING to do with your ability to perform.  Perform what?  Your job.  Melanin concentration in your dermal cells has absolutely nothing to with whether or not you can perform a job.  Neither does some real or imagined infirmity.

I listened to a person list all of the people they knew on disability.  Evidently they know a lot of amputees and people with bad backs.  None of them are working.  All of them are living off disability.  Famous.  I know a person who went blind and works teaching computers to disabled Vets.  Yeah, let's see you hold up your "disability" in the face of that.  You have allowed others to tell you that you can't, you wanted to believe it, so you did.  Get off my planet.  Now.

I swim in the waters of the uneducated and willfully ignorant because I am forced to.  I listen daily to their accounts of how to get over on the system.  These are people to whom the government throws money so they stay on their plantation, hoping to garner votes.  Big message to the Democrats out there, these people couldn't understand a ballot if was read to them in Ebonics.  These knuckle-dragging, mouth breathers are barely able to fill out their welfare applications because the schools they go to as children know that the ONLY way they are going to keep their ballot cattle is to keep them ignorant of what awaits them on the Productive side of society.  Intellectual and financial freedom.

When you accept Affirmative Action you are saying, "I believe that I am not really good enough or smart enough to do this on my own, and therefore it's my right to cut in line ahead of those who are."  Do you really want anything based on that premise?  If you do, get off my planet.  Now.

Why anyone would accept that they are less than in any one's eyes astounds me.  People who I see as smart and able are all too ready to accept the opinion of another person, completely unknown to them that they are somehow lacking and need a "boost" up the ladder, because they could not possibly do it on their own.  Maybe it could be that you don't want for yourself what they want for you, and that's perfectly OK by me.  Then go out and show them what it is you want and be damned good at it.  If it entails sacrifice, hard work and effort, you will truly appreciate your victory more than anything anyone else could give you.  You give it to yourself and you do not depend on the opinion of others to guide your steps.  It gets easier when you realize this.  There is something extremely satisfying in defying everyone telling you that you can't do it without them, and then doing it.  Doing it better despite them fighting to drag you back to the plantation.

To everyone, and I mean every single soul, fighting to get off the Progressive Plantation and being told the Underground Railroad doesn't exist, know that it does.  It's not easy.  You have to be ready to find it and do it on your own.  When you do manage to find it on your own, you will find help there in ways that are much more helpful than throwing subsistence money at you.  And when you get off the Plantation for good, you will always know and take pride in the fact that you did it yourself, and the help you accepted from others is repaid by being successful in whatever it is you choose to do.

I'm not from the Government and the only help I can give you is to tell you that you CAN do it on your own.  And keep telling you until you believe it as well.

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