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Saturday, October 22, 2011


I watched an idiot on one of the weekend shows this morning whine about how he should just be given his home back, because he deserved his home. He was sitting there telling a banker that the banks had no right to foreclose on homes because the foreclosures were 100% illegal.

One hundred percent illegal.  So why was my house not foreclosed on?  Huh?

Oh yeah. that's right, I bought a house I could afford in a neighborhood I was suited for.  Typical middle class, that's me.  So I've made my mortgage payments to my mortgage holder as I promised to do and so they're happy with me, and even happier in the agreed upon method of my payment which puts me a payment up each year.  Yes, this causes re-amortization every once in a while, but they have computer applications that do that, so you just plug in numbers and voila!  Your numbers await.

The biggest problem with all of these foreclosures is the same problem with the Occupy Wall Street freaks.  They all think they are entitled to something they haven't earned.  If you went to college for 6 years to get a masters degree in Bitterness Studies, and then couldn't get a job and then went and somehow managed to get a house based on a non-existent income that you could never pay off even if you were the CEO of those evil corporations, who is at fault?  You and the greedy mortgage holder, both of you wanted to earn something from nothing.  Neither of you hit the mark or even came close.  Both of you need to step back and clear your minds by suck starting a shot gun.  Welcome to your entry into the Darwin Awards.

Let me make one thing clear, people with degrees in engineering or nursing are able to make their mortgage payments.  Why?  Because they got degrees in something that is useful and not made up.  If you look at the small print on any Liberal Arts degree it clearly states that you are now useless to the rest of the world, but you still owe a lot of money because you paid them to parrot back communist party line for an A in Bitter Womens Studies.  If you had bothered to get a real degree in a real field of study, you would know the wonderful freeing feeling of having a paycheck and the ability to pay back your student loans before trying a small starter home with, perhaps, a good used car.  You work, you pay your dues and before you know it you are able to afford the home of your dreams and a fine ride.  You are not due these things by the virtue that you breathe the same air as everyone else on the planet.

In fact, I'm pretty sure that being tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail is pretty much all you're "due".

Too bad the tax paying, working people of America who footed the bill for your uselessness on this planet cannot foreclose on your life.  Apparently it is still wrong to shoot people in the heads they are refusing to use.

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