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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fast & Furious

I've had about enough of the MSM's lame excuses for not covering the Obama Administrations scandals, then comes along Eric Holder's next scandal... selling firearms to Mexican Drug Cartels to "track" them.  This little story exploded the night that Federal Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  He was killed by cartel members with, you guessed it, gun provided by our very government.

As the French say, quelle suprise.

Everyone who has gotten up before Congresscritter Issa's subcommittee has lied about it until faced with documented evidence that they were in it up to their testicles.  Every single last one.  Up to and including AG Eric Holder.  Yes, because the top attorney in the land thinks he is above the law and can lie to congress. If he can lie to Congress, then you know what?  So can I.

Eric Holder needs to be fired and disbarred and never, ever allowed near the law again.  He has shown himself for the partisan shill he truly is.  He gets before the cameras over every single Department of Justice scandal, whining about how he's all about Social Justice.

Really?  Is he?

What about the justice for all of the Mexicans killed by those gun you provided, Mr. Holder?  What about all the illegal aliens you're always whining and crying over?  What about those guns used to shoot them for the fun of the Coyotes they've paid to bring them El Norte?  Do you give a flying fuck on a rolling donut about THAT justice?  Or do you only care about not prosecuting guilty Black Panther leaders?

What about Brian Terry's family?  What kind of justice will they find in your tender care, Mr. Holder?  You are the worst kind of shyster I've seen in the legal field, and I spent years working for defense attorneys.  Will Brian Terry's family even get a sympathy card from you?  Perhaps an explanation of how he was shot with a gun you GAVE to the people he was trying to shut down?  YOU GAVE A GUN TO A FOREIGN NATIONAL CRIMINAL, you stupid fuckhead?!  What the hell did you think was going to happen, or did you not think that far ahead, you stupid, moronic asshat?

This is my wish for you, Mr. Holder.  I hope that for the rest of your meaningless, useless life you have to wake up and realize that your hubris and ignorance have caused the death of hundreds of innocent people.  People just trying to get by, live day to day, who just happened to get in the way of the guns you gave to criminals.

I will give you a gun, Mr. Holder.  I hope you put it to good use and suck start it.

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