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Friday, October 28, 2011

Children of Hippies and the Occutards

I am the child of a wannabe hippy mother.  I've hated hippies for as long as I can remember.  I was 5 years old and recognized their hypocrisy, yet was too young to verbalize, so it was just flat out hatred of grown ups saying one thing then doing another.

I've spent the past two weeks talking to contemporaries who have parents the same age as mine and I have asked their opinion of the Occutards.  With the exception of one woman who was planning on attending with her mom in Miami, every single one of them could not understand the Occutards, their ostensible tantrum or, for many of them, the children.  They really cared about the children and what would happen to them while their parents were in a drug induced haze or, God forbid, locked up in jail.  It brought back some pretty bad memories for some of us.

There was one guy who went to school with me, a couple of years ahead, who told me the story of his mother doing some anti-war protest when he was a pre-schooler.  I forget where he said they lived, but he said he thought the demonstration was in DC.  Remember, he was a pre-schooler.  His mother was arrested, he can't remember why or by whom, but he was left with nothing but a band of grubby, filthy, stinking hippies who had no qualms about smoking reefer in front of a small child, and even jokingly, blowing the smoke in his face.  He just remembers being afraid, missing his mom and not knowing where he was or where she was.  He has no idea how long he was with this group, but he said his adopted parents told him that they had fostered him from the very beginning and started the adoption process very quickly after they took him in.  He has to assume on his date of birth, as his mother evidently never came looking for him after she got out.  He says he had vague impressions of her, but no real memories other than the vivid ones after she disappeared.  According to the Hippies who handed him over to the State, her name was Sunflower.  Sunflower what?  Just Sunflower.  I wonder how she got her mail.

For him, speaking of his birth mother brings up a lot of anger.  I can honestly say it does for me as well.  I asked if he had ever gone back, looking for her.  He said he thought about it once in college and immediately quashed the idea.  She threw him away for what?  Another stupid protest?  Some stupid idea of overturning the Draft and ending the Viet Nam war was more worthy than her own flesh and blood.  And he told me the one thing I keep in the forefront of my mind when people ask me about my parents... She is the one who missed out, not him.

I watch these demonstrations.  I see the pictures and the videos of children in all of that madness and self-perpetuated hysteria.  Every single person who has dragged their innocent children to show them the giant tantrum thrown by grown ups who feel they are entitled to other people's money should lose those children.  There are hard working Americans who would love to have a child and would make fantastic parents.  Parents who stick around and teach them the value of working hard and earning your retirement.  Parents who are adults and not grown up children throwing a fit that would get most kids smacked in the candy aisle of any grocery store.  I think they deserve much better than the birth control failure that gave them to selfish, impudent babies who act more immature than the children they are ruining.

Here is my demand of the Occutards, since we all seem to be able to scream and demand shit we shouldn't even begin to believe will ever happen:  Give up your children to responsible adults. Then you can continue to be the whining, screaming child everyone has always hated.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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