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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Atlas Shrugged Discussion Group

I will be the first to admit, I'm not a joiner. But, for 30 years I have longed to discuss Ayn Rand's works with others who have read and appreciated them. So, when I was approached to host a group in Waco, I jumped at it. When I received the items for discussing the book from ARI I was like Ralphie in The Christmas Story getting his Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder ring.

Then reality hit me. I know few people around here who have actually read the book, and understand it well enough to discuss it with more than the "It was boring and dry" critique. Someone had contacted me about going to see the movie when it finally came to Waco, however, I already had plans that day and didn't get the email until hours after they had gone. So I sent that person an email telling them about the group. I'm hoping to hear back. Family and friends who I think would like to know ME better have voiced interest. I think it's morbid curiosity at this point. Sort of like watching a zombie movie.

So I'm doing this thing. I'm going to do it. I shall open myself to meeting new people and hopefully discussing something with like-minded people who hold the same cherished desire of meeting people who believe as they do.

Now to find someone else who wants to do it, and doesn't mind joining a club that would have them as a member.

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