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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Cool It. No, Really. I Mean It

My Address to the Class of 2010

There are some who would still have us believing that Global Catastrophe is still a hairs breadth from demolishing us all. My response was childish, but I figured the author of the piece wouldn't know the difference. He's Danish.

Sir, not only do I dispute your "science", I further accuse you of using "bad science" to bolster your claim that your science proves the world is heating up. Not only has it been proven that we're NOT heating up, but we are currently at a solar minimum and are therefore at cooler temperatures.

How can we prove that the earth is actually cooler during a solar minimum? Sun spot study which has been going on for thousands of years. The sun is the engine that controls our climate, not man. Can we do more to keep from gobbling up resources, hell yes. However, that is not science, that is good husbandry. Get thee to an A&M my friend.

You see, this "climate science" has only been around for about 35 years or so. Evidently it's given its adherents the belief that 35 years worth of questionable data from bad scientists only concerned with keeping their jobs and stealing research grant money give it a voice of authority on anything more than whether or not it's going to rain in the morning. Simply put, I would not expect an herb farmer in Outer Mongolia to diagnose and treat congestive heart disease. Why? Because he simply does not have the knowledge or the tools or the years of study of the heart muscle to do an adequate job at it.

This is the thing, the "climatologists" refuse to accept the hundreds, perhaps thousands of years of study of meteorology that humans on this planet have been doing because it does not serve their narrative. For those of you who are now looking at me with a "Wha???" look on your face, that means they toss the facts because it doesn't back their asses up. Remember, you must be able to speak "Politician" fluently or you WILL get bent over with no lube. Just think of Keith Olbermann telling you to Lean Forward and why he might do that. Got that picture in your head? Good.

The one thing the libs are determined to do is to take YOUR money and give it to their friends who pretend that "Anthropogenic Global Warming" is a real danger. Not only is it not a danger, it's made up by Al Gore and his ilk. No, ilk is not a big deer. It's a word, look it up. Now, think of the money that you have, and think of all the lattes and cappucinos that you could buy at Starbucks if you didn't have to hand it over to Harry Reid and his cronies in the Senate for them to give it to some guy for "carbon credits". Paying for carbon credits is like paying a kid in Africa to starve so you can eat everything you want. You're still going to get fat, and the kid is still going to die of starvation. The only one who wins is the company who stole your money. Hello, are you awake out there?

Remember when you were in grade school and some kid would push you around and take your lunch money or GI Joe or Barbie Doll? Then they would break your favorite toy right in front of you and walk off laughing because they knew that you knew that you were helpless to stop them. That is the Progressive Liberal in a nutshell. Not only do they want to take everything you have and make you keep giving it to them, they want to lord it over you as well. They like the idea of pissing YOUR money away.

Think about that as you pay off your student loans. Have a nice life. Oh, and you CAN do something about it, it's called voting and you should be as knowledgeable about that as you are beer bongs and panty raids. Good Night.

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