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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Miscellany 10/17/2010

I often just write things when I'm having trouble with my book. Leonard Piekoff gave the best advice when you've hit a wall and can't think a way out of the corner you've painted yourself in to. He said to write something, anything. Just so that blank piece of paper or screen aren't haunting you with their big fat nothing. That could be why I post so often on the weekends. It's a working theory.

Have you ever listened to a piece of music and had such and entirely different picture in your head of what it represented that you could not watch the "official video"? I'm that way about a few songs, but 100% of the NIN videos are unwatched by me. Evidently Trent Reznor's music congers up images and ideas in my head that did not inspire the directors of his videos.

I find I am going to miss Bill Whittle on Trifecta more than I had originally guessed. So I'm damned glad he's still making shorts at Independence and Declaration. The man has a deadly wit and k-bar sharp tongue to go with it. Rock on, dude.

There is a dearth of conservative good looking men. I mean, with the exception of Steve Green, we've got no damned eye candy to keep us rapt at Tea Parties and conventions. I would nominate Karl Urban, but A) he's a Kiwi and B) he's an actor. Not a snowball's chance in hell he has had a conservative idea cross his mental transom, ever. But a girl can dream.

I feel like trying out my new found Jedi powers of "Back the hell OFF!" next time I'm at a shoe sell.

I need to get a picture of my grandpuppy asleep with someone's stuffed dog but my son took off with my camera and I haven't yet tortured him for its location. He's a Marine, so I'm not exactly sure that waterboarding would work and he listens to modern music so rap music torture is right out. It may have to be Naughty Marietta after all, but he's my child, my baby. Could I really do that? I really want this picture.

I've always dreamed of being the ruler of a small nation and ruling the same way as the Castro like dictator in Woody Allen's Bananas.

Do you ever wonder if the members of the band Cake were fascinated with the percussion instruments the music teacher brought to class in elementary school? I'm also pretty sure that whoever does the music is a Herb Alpert fan.

Do you think that Drizzt and Cattie-brie ever got married? What really happened to Artemis Entreri? Did Jarlaxle ever meet up with him again? Because he seemed pretty sure in that last scene.

I sure hope Kelly and Kerry are serious about meeting up for a weekend of reveling in Austin in November because I'm already scoping out liquor friendly hotels.

Alright, already. Get to work!

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