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Sunday, September 05, 2010

You Want Unusual Activity? I'll Give You Unusual Activity!

This morning I awakened to the sound of outrage and disappointment. I figured that at least some Tea Partier had gotten caught with his hand in some cookie jar. No, Google had just blocked my account because of "Unusual Activity".

In the words of Dr. Evil... riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Now in the parlance of internet accounts, Unusual Activity means they think your account is a spam bot or it's been hacked. Evidently some one managed to use my g-mail address to spam Blizzard's account holders on B-Net. Totally uncool. So all they wanted was for me to change my PW.

Hey, fellas, hows about a little email to the account my g-mail account is linked to, huh? I never use my G-Mail. EVAR. It's a toss away email, along with my Hotmail account for websites that demand an email address for access then sell your address to spammers. yes, folks, that's how it works in the world of 419ers.

This is the thing that gets me... Google would NOT reopen my account unless they could text a verification to my cell phone. You know what? I don't have texting on my phone. I have to pay for every character. Why on earth would I take it up the ass for THEIR security failure. The spammer used my gmail address, but not my actual account, which would have been easy enough for Google to determine had they even bothered to look at a server log, an actual email forwarded to them... Oh I dunno, half a dozen other ways before they shut down my blog along with my account.

I was blogging on Blogspot before Goggle gobbled them up then told me I had to have a Google account to post there any longer. I thought, WTF, I need another toss away email address anyway, so I did it. I figured the people at Hotmail were dumbasses, but no, Google runs away with that award, laughing maniacally.

Google, you upset my readers and myself. You have shown yourself to be operating on the side of demons by cooperating with the Obama Administration on the Net Neutrality crap they tried to ram through congress. Up to that point I argued that you guys were just big, not evil. Now I will have to revisit my original premise.

You want unusual activity, brother, have I got it in spades.

1 comment:

Mark Richter said...

Google has shown their face to be pro-socialist. Anything you say that is contrary to the current regime is blocked.

Searches on a particular controversial subject, the top search finds are always pro-socialist agenda. You have to drill down through pages to find an opposing view.

The subject content get's restricted and they make claims that the sites are "unsafe" that have opposing views of the current regime.

Media, News are all in the pocket of the socialist agenda, now they have control over the most popular search engine.

I search through Google, and get pro-obama rhetoric up first, other search engines more evenly distribute the finds.

Google. You have shown your face, now I know what I am looking at. Hello, Mr. Obama.