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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Don't Need A Gun

Busy weeks put ideas in my head that I don't have time to flesh out and write down, so you guys get all the Sev goodness on the weekend.

The title to this post comes from a song by Billy Idol off of his Whiplash Smile album. He says in this opus,

When the other man has none, you don't need a gun.

Au contraire, mon frere. You do, indeed need a gun because he may not be holding a physical gun, but a figurative one. And, oh, how they do love beating you to death with your own virtues to get their way.

One of the most common phrases among those of us who believe in Objectivism is "at the point of a gun." It denotes that libs can get nothing done through a rational argument or even letting their ends see the light of day, because it goes against all human good and we balk. So that is when they start the guilt trips, emotional blackmail, etc to coerce us in to doing something we know is wrong for us. Meanwhile they sit back, laughing at us for contributing to our own destruction. See, this is the rub, we allow them to do it, because they use our very virtues, the things we hold dear, to make us do things we would not otherwise do and we end up hating ourselves for it. Thus, they win this sick little game they are playing in an attempt to control every aspect of our lives.

If you say this out loud, the people for whom doing this is almost second nature, will scoff and ask if you are paranoid much. You are not paranoid if they really are out to get you. And they really ARE out to get you. They want nothing more than for all of us to just STFU and do what they tell us, unquestioning and ignorant of their ultimate goal. And we all know what their ultimate goal is. Read Anthem by Ayn Rand if you don't get it. It's short and shines a bright light on "equally shabby". It shows what happens when no one is exceptional and mediocrity is the highest you can ever hope for. True collectivism. It sickened me as a teen, and angered me. Anyone who went to school with me back then can now understand why I was so against our little middle-class bastion of conformity.

The thing is, they really are out to get you, control you, your thoughts, your deeds. Like I have mentioned before, they are no better than the Islamofascists who would use our own freedoms and liberties to enslave us. Sure, smirk. Have you ever seen the Filipino maid of some Arab princess? Tell me they don't believe in slavery and non-personhood of anyone who is not exactly like them. Granted, the Libs here treat their ballot cattle hardly any better, but at least they are not cut up in to pieces, then paid off to silence them during their convalescence. They are just herded into the Warehouses of Despair and allowed off the plantation to pull the Straight Democrat Party Ticket level on election days, then herded back, so docile and inured that they are a sure vote. Six of one, half-dozen of the other.

If you are not careful, you never see the gun, and let them bludgeon you with emotional blackmail and "surely you believe in the betterment of..." You don't want to seem like a total asshole so you hand over whatever they are asking for and walk away feeling violated and somehow worse for doing something that is supposed to be uplifting. It's why I choose my causes very carefully and will drop anything that starts to get too intrusive like Obama gets rid of commie friends in his administration once they make a gaffe. I don't do anything that does not benefit me directly. Sorry, there is a virtue in selfishness. Ayn Rand said so and I've seen proof of it in action.

So, you do need a gun. If only to pistol whip the morons when they try to mug you with your own virtues.

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