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Friday, August 27, 2010

Delays Shmelays!

Everyday I've sat down, prepared to write a blog posting, and yet, I haven't. I didn't even write down a few notes, or vague idea sketches. It's been busy. Work is unreal busy, home life with school just starting and all that that entails is just crazy. So, it's Friday evening, dinner is done, children are where they want to be, and I am, finally, where I want to be. With a glass of wine.

Oh! Relaxation, how have I longed for your embrace. The warmth of your soothing touch.

Because ProgLibs are such f$ckheads.

In the past week James Cameron showed us that all environmentalists refuse to debate anthropogenic global warming because they are all shills looking for nothing more than money, which they swear they eschew.

Shirley Shirrad has been shown to be a racist, and money grubber with a government pension. She also is shown to have inflated the number of black farmers past any numbers that anyone has ever recorded while taking a majority of the most recent settlement allotted by Congress. Call ME racist now. Of course, Juan Williams already has an excuse for that:

And it looks like Obama's approval rating continues to go down lower than a stripper on Dollar Night.

If you are a conservative, you're rubbing your hands together and preparing to count your chickens before they hatch.

And you'd be wrong.

Republicans lost congress for a reason. They will get it back for that same reason. Congressional members have never met a spending program they didn't embrace tighter than Nancy Legosi's hold on that cartoon hammer of hers.

So, for this week our lesson is the old one, There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Nobody wants to give you anything. Oh, and they're not taking your money from you, they are giving it to the shiftless pieces of crap who refuse to work.

See the difference? No? Neither do most registered voters in every state but California and Illinois.

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