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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Racist? I Think Not

As I sit on my throne, surveying all I rule, I hear the mutterings of the mad, chitterings of the moronic. Those words are whispering that Tea Party conservatives are racist.

How is that? Exactly... Because I have yet to meet a single conservative that is racist. Every racist I've ever met has told me proudly they were of the Democratic Party persuasion. I wonder why that is?

Could it be that progressive liberalism is the bastion of the Democratic party? Is it that progressive liberals are the worst kind of racists? Or is it that the NAACP is drinking happily from the kool-aid that racists like Woodrow Wilson and Margaret Sanger have prepared them for? No, I did not mix my words nor my metaphors. They minorities of this country have been groomed like an eight year old girl by an on-line pedophile for this, their final enslavement.

So why did they recently approve to condemn the Tea Party as racist? Why because their progressive liberal overlords have convinced them that all of the crap they've been making up since the push for Obamacare began, less than two years ago, wipes out over 100 years of racist liberal policy merely because we mind being held up at the point of a gun. Color actually has nothing to do with it.

People of ethnicity need to have longer memories, because they keep letting the same people who hold them back and hold them down keep telling them that they are doing it in their own best-interest. They call people of ethnicity who believe in conservative ways Uncle Tom and House Negroes. I guess it really does take one to know one.

So this is my response to the NAACP gaggle of idiots.

You would know.

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