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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pimping Ayn Rand

Pimpin For Dummies

An intrepid follower of my blog who wishes to remain "Anonymous" sent me a link to a site that discusses seeing a "Who is John Galt?" sign on the I-9. It was posted today, and he excitedly let me know... so, here I am. Letting you know. Annie will be happy. I've mentioned him/her/it in my blog and they have retained their anonymity. I live to serve.

I've been hearing more and more from the guys at The Ayn Rand Center on TV, radio and intarweb. I got some podcasts from her her erstwhile intellectual heir (remember, it's only because she didn't know me, yet) that are actually pretty good, although Leonard Peikoff sounds like he's enjoyed one sherry too many at the cocktail hour. More and more Galt signs are seen at Tea Party events. Dude, Objectivism is cool! I always knew it was, and remained a staunch supporter, spreading the Gospel of Atlas Shrugged hither and yon. I'm like the freakin Gideons of Ayn Rand literature. I've left her books in restrooms, air planes, and hotels all over. I don't do it on purpose, but when it happens I have the hope that it will give hope and support to another person who was as I was at 16.

I'm waiting for some madly popular rock star to come out for Galt... other than Neil Peart. God I love that man and have since I was 15, before I knew Rand. Get thee to a Rush CD and listen and read his words. Their 2112 album was a tip of the hat to Rand's novella, Anthem. Every child should be made to read that book in elementary school. It shows the type of world we have when everyone is "special". What the hell, everyone should read all of her books, study Aristotle just so I can stand being on the same planet with the rest of you. No offense, you're mostly pretty decent, but the lemming tendency within each and everyone of you is frustrating to my atomic level.

So, go! Go and read. Educate yourself with every word that passes before your eyes. Devour the world in books, then go and see for yourself. Never take anybody's word for it.

And while you're up, could you freshen my G&T?


Anonymous said...

What a great post. The complete and uninformed assault that occurs whenever Rand's philosophy starts getting some airtime has led me to assume that every mention will be negative. I was pleasantly suprised and agree wholeheartedly. I wish I had read her when I was 16 rather than 30. Although there was apparently some sense of life left based on the decisions I made through those years, it'd have been nice to not have to struggle with it, life became a much easier road with the moral sanction I had needed but never quite got worked out on my own.

Thanks for reminding me there are some folks out there who can think.

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday.


Matt said...

Howdy... I'm the one that left you the info on the I-95 billboards (your link reads "I-9" by the way...).

Glad you enjoyed it :)