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Friday, May 28, 2010

Now, The Gulf Oil Spill is Reagan's Fault

Proving that the Obama administration will never, ever let a good disaster go to waste, they had one of their mouthpieces on Fox & Friends who said, and I quote, "This goes all the way back to Reagan!" When blaming Bush won't get you far enough.

Earlier in her diatribe she threw James Carville under the bus and said, I kid you not, that it wasn't fair to compare this to Katrina because back then it was the government's fault for not holding back the flood waters. Of a hurricane. That the EPA cannot control.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is sitting in Baton Rouge ready to build the berms to prevent the oil from reaching the shore but the EPA will not sign off on it. Carbon Dioxide is a poisonous greenhouse gas, but allowing the crude oil to reach the Mississippi Delta is a good idea, evidently in the "I Can't Make A Decision" Obama Administration. Lisa Jackson who swore the EPA would take control, seems to be rather undecided whether or not it can take control of the spill. She was late to this party on burning off surface oil and laying down disbursements BEFORE it reached the water column. If you want to blame anyone for this disaster, I would point your cannon in the direction of the EPA.

Where the hell are all of the environmentalists? They were all over the damned Valdez oil spill in Alaska, we couldn't go five minutes on TV back then without some oil encrusted bird being shoved in our faces. Now the nightly news on the lamestream media can barely be urged to utter the words "Day X of the Gulf Oil Spill".

What the hell is wrong with these people? The EPA, led by Obama cheerleader, Lisa Jackson who should wear a brown shirt and goosestep her way down to the Delta to see what she has wrought. She's held up every single solution that BP and the folks trying to help. Which leads me to believe, the Obama administration doesn't want this solved. Why? I'm glad you asked.


Nuf Said.

Get off the freakin dime. BP should have been allowed to fix this from the first, you wouldn't let them. Trust me, Miss Jackson if I'm nasty, it WILL come out, because I will be the first to yell, scream, stamp my feet and pull all of the stupid stunts you lefties pull until I have your head on a silver platter. That's a biblical reference just in case you don't understand. Yes, I will even dance in veils to see you ousted from any position of power you try to hold. If it were up to me the highest rung you would ever reach is receptionist at the VD clinic, and even then I doubt you're qualified.

Stop blaming every republican you've ever met. Get off your asses and make a damned decision yea or nay. We're going to crucify you regardless. How does that shoe feel on that foot now, bitch?

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