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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Funnies

As I sit in the Bat Cave watching the Sunday news shows... two TVs with PiP is fantastic my friends... I have to say that the hysteria over Thursday's Tea Party Rallies is fascinating to watch.

From Jason Levin's break with reality to John Stewart's "getting it" I am left with the impression that Libs just don't know what to make of us "Conservative Tea Baggers".

What do you mean they're not racist? What do you mean they are not stupid, uneducated back-woods rubes with only 2 teeth and married to their sisters? Yes, the Queen Mother of all Progressive Liberal rags, the New York Times, did a poll which found that Conservative Tea party members are middle aged, highly educated, middle-income and come from every color on the spectrum.

OMFG! Someone call a Waaaaaahhhmbulance for all of the strokes happenening within the Lamestream Media this weekend. WTF?! They have to be stupid and poor or they would be able to understand the greatness that is Obama and the progressive Liberal Lie! Dammit, someone go tell them to start calling blacks negroes again! What do you mean you didn't hear one single racial epithet at the rally?! Get back there and make someone say it!

It has become increasingly evident that what we have here is a Progressive Liberal Media who is so out of touch with reality that they simply cannot believe anyone would not believe as they do. Yeah, I'd love to believe in Free Lunch, too, but I live on this plane of reality. I hope the rent is cheap in yours.

I kid you not, the anchors at CNN were nearly weeping when the only rabble rousers they could find at any of the rallies were their own. At that point the tail began wagging the dog. They still really think that we believe anything they tell us anymore. To be honest, I only watch because the news is now more hilarious than Comedy Central. Cooper Anderson is pure comedy gold. Honestly, I could not make up the shit he does.

Well, I'm off to see how the Administration Androids are going to spin Obama's "They ought to be saying thank you" gaff from Thursday. Yeah, thanks Obama. Thanks for higher taxes, lowered respect and expectations. Thanks for lying to us with a smile. Saying thank you? Oh... MAY I?!


Boozsha said...

When they can't find anything then they go to using words like "sedition". Welcome to the next phase.

Severine said...

I love News Busted! I usually catch it over on PJTV, but it was nice to see some other things over on their site. Good catch there, Boozsha!