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Friday, April 23, 2010

In the Quiet Words of the Virgin Mary....

In an earlier blog posting I spoke about my experiences on the high seas. Well, I've had a morning to think about several posts I've seen over at Big Hollywood, Andrew Breitbart's eye on Hollywood about the movie Kick Ass. Posters there are not of one mind about the movie, which is good, but the reason for that schism is stupid.

In the movie there is an eleven year old girl/super heroine. She has quite a mouth on her. She blithely belts out words I've only grown comfortable using the the past 5 years of my life. People are shocked. People are crying out. People are missing the damned point.

People are not really outraged because the little girl says the word c*nt or muthaf$cka (misspelled for your protection). People are outraged because this little girl gets it. She understands that there is no appeasement. She is not playing Neville Chamberlaine, crying about peace in our time. She is out there kicking some serious ass and taking full names. She doesn't try to figure out the tragic villain's motivation for being a criminal, she just kicks him in the jimmies and moves on.

We need to be more like that. We need to start kicking some ass and laying down the smack on those who would do us harm. The people crying about the words coming out of the girl's mouth never stop to think about what she's doing, because their brains cannot let them see the logic of it.

I have lived my life, pretty much wrapped up in my own thoughts, my own goals, and I have let the world around me go, assuming, very wrongly, that they were of a mind with me. No, they are not. Whereas I confronted anyone who would stupidly think to bully me, these people were too busy bending over and spreading them wide for penetration, thinking that this would make them leave them alone. Hell no. The bullies got what they wanted and knew they could always come back for more. Whereas, with me, they were pretty sure they never wanted to hear another word I had to say. Was it because I was such a bad ass and could intimidate better than they? No. I knew bigger words and could beat them at Scrabble with them. I could use my mind and was more than willing to use it to berate them thoroughly. I threw ugly truths at them and they could not hide behind swagger or bravado to get away from them.

I hold a gold medal in Tae Kwon Do and I have never, ever had to use it. Not once, not ever. Why? Because I let my brain and mouth throw punches. I used my head. I never needed to wonder if my attacker would bring me to the ground or worry that they had a gun. I used irony, sarcasm, and hyperbole to strip these people's psyches bare and then shred them to pieces. However, if they had been ballsy enough to slap me so I'd shut my mouth, I knew how to take care of them, if I had to. I never had to. I wasn't monologuing, I was truth telling. And in my experience, limp dicks, like most bullies are, cannot stand to hear the truth about themselves. I've yet to see it make them meaner, but it wouldn't bother me if it did. I'd cry like a little girl, then rip their balls off. There is no such thing as rules in a fight. I understand that.

As Americans we simply have to stop appeasing people who want to kill us. We need to stop it now. There is no diplomacy with fundamentalists. They don't recognize rules, so neither should we. We should hit them and hit them hard, and keep hitting them until they stop threatening us. Why should I live in fear? I wasn't doing anything wrong. Yet, because they decided to fly jets into buildings ten years ago, I am supposed to hide under my bed while Hilary Clinton tries to make nice with them? Fuck that.

All you need to do is arm a bunch of moms, drop them into Afghanistan and Iran and tell them that people down there are wanting to harm their children. A more rabid bunch of killers you will never find. The atrocities would be horrifying. But, I can guarantee you, Islamo-Fascists would never push us around on the playground again.

And we'd probably say a lot of words out on the playground that would get our mouths washed out with soap while doing it. Does anybody really care? They'd better not. I have my Scrabble board right here and I'm willing to use it.

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