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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Hippy Day, Gully Bulls!

This morning, really early, I posted on a blog about how incredibly gullible reporters are, doubly so if they are science journalists. Quite literally, you could tell them that a meteor is due to hit the Whitehouse two weeks from tomorrow and they would run that on the front page/6PM News cast with huge banner headlines and utter BS as back up, because they will not ask for one ounce of proof to back them up.

Welcome to Climategate. It does not matter that the reigning climate scientists at East Anglia were all discredited by THEIR OWN e-mails, the Lamestream Media is still insisting that they are proven vindicated, even when nobody has even hinted that they may have had a point on moving the comma a few words down in any given e-mail.

Proof? They don't need no stinkin' proof. It's all about feelings. Because feelings are always right. Right? RIGHT? Oh, yeah, remember that girl in reading class in the sixth grade that you wanted to go to the movies with you so bad, and you were so sure you were in love with her... Remember that feeling? Yeah, I thought so.

Last night whilst driving to teach my religious education class (yes, I know it negates the belief in a benevolent deity) I heard a recording of a woman telling students that one way they could lessen their carbon footprint on the earth is to not have children. They could eliminate, and I quote, "578% of your carbon footprint by deciding not to have children."

Really? 578%? I bet her mom wishes she had had that bit of news before she paid for her private schooling.

Welcome to Greengenics.

Look, have some common freakin' sense, please. God made the earth for us to use and for us to be good stewards of the planet. If we take care of the earth the earth takes care of us. Capice? He gave us two kinds of teeth, molars and incisors, making us capable of eating meat and vegetation. If he had meant for us to only eat weeds we would all have horse teeth and the inability to digest meat. And very small brains... very small... which... wait a minute... explains vegans all of a sudden! God, I get them now... Thank you God!

God told us to be fruitful and multiply. I think I will choose God over some white woman speaking to a group of gullible white kids after marching in a rally to protest our country's immigration policy. Immigrants have more kids than residents, Ms. Whitey. Tie your own tubes, I'll listen to God and my four kids who are thankful I gave them life.

I'm going to spend Earth Day weeding my flower beds, tending my vegetable garden. As it is also my dear husband's birthday, we'll probably slip a steak on the BBQ. Gas BBQ. Oooooo I'm so going to Progressive Liberal Care Bear hell! And if you believe that, do I have a story for you!


Quinten Wolfe said...

Not just common sense, but adequate facts. Climate change, is just that. It happens and Will continue to happen, with or without human presence on this planet.

The big problem, isn't just the Glaciers receding. (where geologists have proven, that Glaciers have been receding long before industrialization, and that Glaciers have receded back much further before.) It is the fact that these "Climate Nazis" purposefully exclude that evidence in order to prove their non-existent data.

Adding to the "Lamestream Media", who make up nonsense in order to make their listeners believe anything that they tell them.

It all stems from the lacking public education, where they teach our kids, that it is okay to fail, that it's not their fault, and don't challenge our children to do better.

History teaches us the mistakes of the past, and how not to make them again. And what is the public schools teaching our kids? That those aren't really 'mistakes'. That if the kids listen to THEM, then they can do the same thing better.

Too many people ignore reality, because it doesn't fit how they want it to be, or what they are feeling.

Sorry, reality will bite you in the ass if you ignore it. Face reality, even if it is not what you want it to be, and adapt to it. Make it a part of you and learn from it, so you do not repeat the same mistakes.

To the Climate Nazis, Eco-Freaks.

Do the best(worst) you can. You will fail. And if you really do want to do good for society, then do us ALL a favor, and take yourself and your mindless ilk out of the Gene pool.

Logic overrides you.
Fact overrides your personal 'feelings'.

Life and Reality, override the fantasy world/utopia you idiots are trying to create.

Anonymous said...

So you listen to michael savage too huh

Severine said...

I don't listen to Michael Savage if I can help it. I think he's an ignorant asshole. But, that's just me.

It has been pointed out that some of the comments concerning my husband could paint him in a cat hater light. He is not. Mika, my birthday cat, chose him as soon as he was home and she's been his ever since. He didn't hate Rex, he just hated the way the cat would try to sleep on top of him in the past couple of years. Mi Caro Esposo was too gentle in getting Rex off of him, so the big, dumb orange cat really never got it.

However, he liked Rex because I loved Rex. He's not a cat person so that was something. And frankly, if you could see what a softy he is with Mika, you'd giggle. Especially if you could see the lengths she goes to to get his attention.