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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Stop It. Stop It Now.

The title for this blog goes out to several groups, but mainly the American "journalists" and the black community race baiters.  If you are confused about who they are, watch the news.  They spend a lot of time telling each other how morally superior they are for not being racist, "like everyone else".

I'm not going to go on about the riots in Missouri.  I think everyone in the world has had enough of that stupidity.  Instead, I will explain, in great detail why everything the media and the rioters in Ferguson have done to ruin race relations and why.  The current regime in power in DC and the media want so badly to have something significant happen in this administration and all they have done, with their typical ineptitude, is solidify all the negative stereotypes they say bigots have.

As Helen Mirren told Byung-hun Lee in the movie RED 2, show me something.

The lies, speculation and just abject story building that went on in this case are stupefying.  Supposedly the media are supposed to be about objectively reporting what they see, and yet they've taken to creating narratives for someone else.  In this case that someone else was in Washington DC and that someone wanted race riots so they could stand up and say, "OMG!  Americans are so racist!" and they could have a Selma moment with Obama walking down the street with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for all the newspapers.  Except there is one fatal flaw no one behind an editors desk seems to have considered.  I thought you told us that Barak Obama's election made this Post-Racial America.  I mean, I can show you the news stories and broadcasts if you wish to deny it.  I have a whole list of them saved in a favorites folder called "Hypocrisy".  Would you like to see them?

Now, this special message goes out to the thugs in Ferguson, who were not of Ferguson, but were bussed in to make it look good on the nightly news.  (Those poor gang bangers from Oakland looked so damned cold, don't you think?)

You have done nothing to promote any idea of a peaceful coexistence of races in our country.  In fact, I think you insulted barn yard animals and some protozoa.  You have done more to harm race relations by living out every fear and stereotype put out there by the real racists than anything they could have ever klukked up and a rally.  By your ability to be able to wait in Ferguson until the Grand Jury No Billed Darren Wilson, you showed that you have no legitimate employment and are in fact, nothing more than welfare chugging thugs who sit around looking for a fight or something to steal. Thanks so much for being ambassadors for your race.  I hope you know that Martin Luther King, Jr. is probably spinning in his grave over how stupid and manipulated you have allowed yourself and your community be.  Think about it for a moment.  You let someone like Al Sharpton, not the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree, foment hate and discontent when all evidence pointed against it, so you could froth at the mouth and scream what they tell you while you ruin businesses in a neighborhood that really could not bear the cost of it.  But that doesn't matter, you get to go back to your neighborhood in Oakland.  Thank God the local convenience store remains open for you to rob next time you want a 40 and your EBT is maxxed.

For those of you in Ferguson who joined in and especially to the "father" of the young man who was tragically killed when he decided to attack a police officer.  You all talk about your neighborhood and your community that you love so much and how badly you need jobs.  Well, when you burn down the shops and buildings people aren't likely to rebuild.  Ask anyone in Watts and South Central LA.  How much do you want to be that Taco Bell or drug store doesn't rebuild in that spot?  What if all the shops and stores do the same?  Ferguson will be a ghost town, a Starnesville in a year.  I guarantee it.  How can I do that?  Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

To Michael Brown's parents who lost their son.  Perhaps if you had raised the boy correctly he would not have grown up to be a self-entitled bully who would strong arm rob a bodega owner for some freakin Swisher Sweets and then attempt to shoot a cop with his own gun after a day spent smoking pot.  Your son was a thug and you probably didn't even care or attempt to stop him because he was good at sports and you were waiting for your NFL Payday for having created the behemoth.  Now, the ONLY reason you're crying is that the payday ain't coming and ain't ever coming.  So now you cry to the cameras in the hope that it pays out for you, as it is for so many people surrounding this tragedy.

Your son was not a gentle giant.  Stop saying it.  Stop it now.
Your community is obviously not worth having if you want to burn the bitch down.  Stop it.  Stop it now.
Black lives have meaning.  Remember that your next trip to the abortionist.  Get a freakin' IUD.  I'll value your life just as soon as you do.  Stop it.  Stop it now.
Black on Black crime is more prevalent than White on Black crime.  Stop acting like you aren't killing each other en masse and I'll stop acting like you're not a life form unworthy of a presence on my planet. Stop it.  Stop it now.

Respect yourselves and your community enough to want to save it, preserve it and PROMOTE it.  Burning it down serves no purpose other than for others to observe you and shake their heads and think, "Well, I guess they really are that way."  Stop promoting every damned negative stereotype of your race.  Show that you are better than that.  Stop playing the victim.  The only victims in this whole situation are a police officer and the boy he shot while protecting himself.  All evidence points to that and not even 3 autopsies could find a way around the facts the media so wanted to distort.

Stop letting yourselves be used.  Stop it. Stop it now.

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