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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Where's My Money?

One of the most interesting things I was surprised to learn in Thaddeus Russell's book "A Renegade History of The United States" was that women, contrary to popular belief, in the 18th and 19th centuries may have enjoyed more freedoms than we have been told in the late 20th Century PC Re-write of history.

I bring this up because Harry Reid, intrepid Senator from Nevada and Senate Majority Leader decided that brothels should be banned in his fair state that allows them to operate. I think Harry needs to keep his nose out of womens business.

Back in the day, when women AKA Madams ran brothels, women went into the World's Oldest Profession for the money. I'm not going to say it is easy money, because it's just like any other job out there. Women earned more money than other women in their day and age, dressed better, and got free health care and room and board. They had the best deal of their day. Most madams in larger Old West cities were the main property owners. If they wanted to keep the men coming back their girls had to be clean, dressed well, and know their roles, i.e., be whatever the men wanted. Any man who did not behave himself soon found himself persona non grata at all the brothels.

From all that I have read on the history of Prostitution to what I've seen in my work, anywhere where prostitution is legalized, the prostitutes have a better level of living and existence. Once you take the man, the pimp out of the equation, coercion and intimidation disappear. Drug use is looked down on because it brings down the value of the product. Men cannot beat up the prostitutes because it damages the goods. All in all, women take better care of women than men ever will, especially if there is a dollar value on that.

Gasp and swoon! You mean there is no whore with a heart of gold out there? Only in Progressive Liberal faerie tales where they inhale unicorn farts and Richard Gere really does love them.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a glamorous business, but it once was and should be. If a woman decides the only goods she has is her body and she decides to sell that to the highest bidder, it is HER business. There are people who can separate sex and their body, they are usually called men, but women can and do do just that all the time. We just don't like to admit it. Because it makes us less virginal, holy and pure than we would like to be portrayed.

I say, legalize it, tax it, and stop trying to legislate morality. Don't regulate it to hell and back like Vienna did. Let the market decide. Ugly girls and crack whores will naturally be on the streets where they can make a quick buck, however, if they don't have their clean bill of health, quite literally, and license to sell sex, then it's jail time as they are a health hazard.

Take the damned stigma away. Back in the day men sold women to other men and called it an arranged marriage. Hell, they still do that in many Eastern countries where Islam is practiced, and Hindu. I don't get how it's perfectly OK for a father to sell his 12 year old daughter to a pervert in Thailand, but it's illegal for a grown woman to decide to sell her body to a man willing to pay a price for it. It's business, not sex. Sex is what you did with your boyfriend on Prom Night in that cheap motel room. Call it what you will, but at least in the business transaction no one is lying to the other one unless it's agreed upon.

The underground stuff they have going on right now would shock most people. Trust me on this. However, make it perfectly legal to be a paid submissive and you will see the economy soar. Right now these people don't pay a dime in tax while on their knees or back. Tax it... our deficit will shrink like a young man in cold water.

Legalize prostitution. Take away the taboo and you know what will happen, respect will come back to the business transaction. Because if anyone is getting screwed, at least we know they paid for it.


Quinten said...

I am by no means the average male chauvinist. I like strong willed, independent minded women. (I married one).

I'm for legalized prostitution just not an advocate for it. My wife puts a strong point to the readers of this blog, and one that has a logical sense to it.

Men are the ones that screw it up (in more ways than you can think) for a woman's ability to do what they want or even what women as a whole can do better.

Cleaner, healthier, better paid prostitutes that are legit, are a a lot better than a pimp run, coercion based, drug induced and dangerous to health, sex slaves.

What is worse, is government involved in the morality of the people.

If you let something like Legalized Prostitution be handled by the government, then you might as well let the government control what you do in your own sex life.

Harry Reid is a walking, talking, goon. Does he honestly have nothing better to do than destroy what someone else has created, legally?

Get a grip on your lives, people, and kick the damn government in the crotch a few times until they get the message to mind their own business and stay out of ours.

Legalize Prostitution, let the men and women who choose that enterprise as their job, pay taxes like everyone else who has a job.

Then it can be safer, cleaner and more gratifying experience to those that wish to pay for those types of services.

Joe E said...

I have to disagree with you on this one. While you make valid and compelling arguments for your position, my own morals and ethics tell me this is wrong. I know that I have no right to force my beliefs on others, and neither does the Senator, but he wasn't he elected by the people? If he does not represent their views, they have the opportunity to vote him out of office and have the law repealed.

I do know that the message people will get is that promiscuity and random sex is 'OK.' We only need to look back at the late 60's/early 70's and see how well that came out. All the wonderful gifts that generation left us. Hmm, the generation that once practiced it is now saying its wrong? What that says I'm not sure. Idiocy? Hipocrisy?

And would the average person pay a higher price for one with a clean bill of heath if they are using a prostitute in the first place? I don't believe they are looking for a quality product, just some THING they can use and then discard and forget about.

To me, this would only contribute to and hasten to the degeneration of American culture.

Severine said...

Henry Reid stopped representing the people who elected him the moment he rammed Obamacare down the throats of the Senate.

The thing is, you cannot and should not even attempt to legislate morality. Do I think it is moral to have sex and charge for it? No, I don't. So I don't do it.

However, I do not think that I should tell anyone else how to make or spend their money. I do believe legalizing it takes much of the victimization out of it. If you're doing it because you chose to do it as a way to make money, then you will most likely not do drugs because you can't stand what you're doing with your life. If you have to have frequent medical check ups to make sure you're not spreading disease about, then the prevalence of STDs goes down.

Take morality out of it completely then think about it without that filter on. It's completely a business deal.